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Hair Streaks: The Discrete Way to Add Color

Uniformity is yesterday’s news. Streaks are back in style right now, and plenty of celebrities are getting in on the action. Why not give it a go yourself? We show you how the stars wear streaked hair and fill you in on the ways to use highlights, lowlights and other techniques to spice up your hairstyle.


Woman with streaks with her back to camera

Hair streaks are super easy to do!

Streaking your hair is a great yet simple way to jazz up your hair color and try out a funky new look. The 'just back from the beach' look is especially popular, mimicking the delightful effects of sunshine on your hair.


Today’s hair streak trends are no longer uniformly colored as they used to be. Streaks in various shades look a lot more natural. Hair color manufacturers adapted to the new trend and developed coloring agents, such as the ones in our göt2b Color range, which produce a variety of harmoniously balanced shades. This makes streaking your hair at home easy and fast. Our crash course is here to help you find the right technique for the streaked hair of your dreams. 

Streaked hair using highlights

Highlights are usually achieved by bleaching strands of hair. Doing your hair streaks with highlights look great in any hair color and has the advantage of not exposing the entire hair to bleach. Right now, celebrities are embracing the beach vacation look. Highlights are ideal for this because it gives the effect without looking artificial. To create this effect, they apply the highlights to their hair using a brush. This method avoids abrupt color changes and therefore produces a natural look.

Streaked hair using lowlights

Lowlights are the opposite of highlights, where darker strands of hair add depth and glow to hair. Originally, lowlights were developed for graying hair. The darker color was painted onto the gray strands of hair to naturally blend them into the rest of the still naturally pigmented hair. In the process, hair stylists recognized that they also created an optical illusion. The darker strands appeared to add volume to the hair, especially when used in combination with volumizing products like göt2b Volumaniac. The same principle can be applied to create amazing hair streaks – give it a try!

Red lights: The fresh new trend

Women with dark hair know the challenge: applying glowing red streaks into dark hair requires bleaching the strands before coloring them red. Without bleaching first, the red streaks would be barely visible. Today’s red lights are the solution for this problem, which slightly bleach the hair strands while covering them with a deep red color at the same time. Red lights are faster to achieve while reliably producing beautifully colored hair streaks at the same time.

Multi-tone hair streaks

The summer sun naturally lightens the hair on top the most. These strands of hair then glow in various lighter shades. You can imitate this gorgeous effect by opting for multi-shaded streaked hair. Rather than coloring your hair with a single shade, use a variety of different but harmoniously matching shades. The result is a super attractive, summery and natural-looking head of hair.

What color hair streaks goes best with…

Woman with blonde streaks
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Who said streaks can't look natural?


… blonde hair?

Blonde hair seems to exaggerate even the slightest coloring mistakes. Streaks in blonde hair must therefore look extra natural. Going for hair streaks that are a touch lighter than your natural shade of blonde is a great way to do this, giving hair the appearance of being naturally sun-bleached. Follow strict bleached hair care rules to maintain this effect. If you’re a natural blonde, you may want to consider platinum blonde hair streaks or, alternatively, warm honey-blonde shades for the streaks to create more depth.


… brown hair?

Red hair streaks add interesting shades to brown hair. If your hair is dark brown, you should however slightly bleach the streaks before coloring them red. Otherwise, the red streaks tend to disappear in the dark brown hair. On a practical note, if you’re still rocking last summer's dip dye look with blonde tips, you can simply apply the red color to the light ends of your hair.


… red hair?

Light red hair displays more depth if you color some streaks in gold or copper tones. Cherry-red streaked hair bring out the beauty of darker shades and help maintain red hair care. It’s important to opt for warm colors for streaks in red hair. The warm tones bring out your beautiful complexion!


… black hair?

Cool maritime colors are the trend for black or very dark hair, so why not try perking your locks up with some blue or purple hair streaks? Before the hair can be streaked, though, it must be bleached. Otherwise, coloring the streaks would hardly be noticeable. If you don't like blue streaks in your black hair, simply opt for purple tones instead!