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Color Hair Red For A Unique And Captivating Look

The word red in red hair covers a tremendously wide spectrum ranging from warm reddish brown to the quite unnatural hair color purple. Bleaching used to be the first step when coloring hair red. This is however rarely necessary with the newer coloring technologies

Red hair
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Red hair: That’s how beautiful it can look

Without any doubt, right now the strongest hair color trend is red. Currently, the fashion world is particularly partial to blazing copper colors, which may just barely pass as natural. Red-haired models have never been so much in demand! (

You can be one of the trailblazers for this trend if you have shoulder-length hair. Red hair updos and streaked strands of soft wavy red hair are especially fashionable. Of course, there is no trend without a counter-trend.  


Experimenting with Red Hair Color and Streaks

Temporary red tints can help you test red shades in your hair providing the red hair color of your choice is not lighter than your natural hair color. Testing also gives you the opportunity to find out whether red can be your long-term hair color or just a way to exercise your creativity. You can use these temporary tints to find the best hair color for your skin tone. Red streaks are another way of slowly approaching your new red hair color. These are ways to test the waters and see whether red hair suits your skin type. Streaks are a subtle compromise when you play with the idea of wearing your hair red but don’t want to transition to a bright, flamboyant red color right away.


The Right Shade of Red for Your Hair and Skin Type

Do you fancy a flamboyant shade of pomegranate red or are you partial to warm caramel red, a deep black-red or the purple tinge of cherry red? You may like to narrow your choices by considering the natural tones of your hair and skin as guides:

Reddish blonde and light copper shades are ideal for blondes with light skin.

If your hair is dark blonde or light brown with light to medium skin color you may be either a cool or warm type. Cool and bluish shades like cherry red, burgundy and aubergine are suitable for bluish-rosy or olive complexions. Warm red shades like copper, copper beech, and reddish gold are ideal for yellowish, peach or golden complexions.

Medium to dark brown hair and olive complexions come to life if combined with intensive red and mahogany shades.

Very dark or black hair combines well with cherry red and black-red shades.

Colouring Your Hair Red:

Ways to Become a Trendy Redhead
  • Tip 1:

    Colouring your hair red is a cinch just as long as you don’t want to colour it lighter than your natural hair colour. Use rinsable tinting applications to experiment with the new colour without worry about the growing root portion of your hair, which may ruin the impression you make with your new hair colour

  • Tip 2:

    Traditionally, the way from brown to bright copper-coloured hair involved a bleaching step. First the dark pigments are removed and then the red colour pigments are added. That seems logical. New permanent colorants with a durability factor of 3 slightly lighten the hair, thus turning dark brown into bright red hair

  • Tip 3:

    Changing the colour of bleached hair is usually a problem. This does not apply to red hair. In general, the hair absorbs the red pigments readily without colouring surprises

  • Tip 4:

    The best way from grey to red hair involves a stop at the hair salon. The red pigments attach differently to white hair as compared to naturally pigmented hair. Ask an expert for advice before colouring white hair red. The expert will evaluate your hair quality and desired colour and will ensure that you do not inadvertently wind up with pink hair or looking like someone out of the world of goblins and leprechauns

  • Tip 5:

    Colouring your hair red does not work too well as an anti-aging measure. Hair stylists think of red as a luminous advertising tool for the face. Whatever the face shows, people’s eyes will be drawn to it. All of it, this includes wrinkles. Women who like to appear as young as possible should avoid red hair like the plague. This applies especially to the artificially looking shades of red like red with a blue tinge

  • Tip 6:

    Hair colours between blonde and red appear especially soft and natural. These colours are simply perfect for women with a light skin and green or blue eyes. Rust-coloured hair looks particularly harmonious when worn by brunettes with brown eyes

  • Tip 7:

    When you apply red colour to your hair at home you should be sure not to also apply it to your attire, the carpet or the tiles. Those red spots are formidable challenges. For a home application you may want to wear a dark T-shirt or drape a towel around your shoulders, which are no great losses if they are stained as well

  • Tip 8:

    Don’t rush the fences if you are not sure about the right colour hue. Tedious bleaching is unavoidable should the red colouring experiment go wrong. Consult with a good friend before making your colour choice