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Dirty brunette: What's Behind the Color Trend

Granted, the name "dirty brunette" may not sound very appealing at first, but this color trend no doubt has potential to become the new It look.


Dirty brunette: a different kind of brown

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Dirty brunette: One of the many trends that can be achieved with brown hair

Rich brown, warm chestnut, or cool chocolate nuances: brown hair is just as multi-faceted as blonde hair. But brown hair doesn’t have to be a monotonous block of color; it can also be refreshed with highlights that add extra depth to your hair and cause it to reflect the light beautifully. Dirty brunette is just one of these multi-faceted color trends – with a small but subtle difference.


In contrast to most highlighted brown hair, the dirty brunette color doesn’t rely only on bleached highlights to achieve its look. Instead, specific parts of the hair are lightened and then toned different nuances of brown that match the hair and skin tone. This gives the dirty brunette look its particularly natural and unique appearance, as different shades of brown and even blonde are used to accentuate the basic hair color.

Dirty brunette: an adaptable hair color

Dirty brunette is a chameleon among hair colors. This clever coloring technique can be perfectly matched to the basic tone of your skin and hair. Whether you’re rocking a long bob or long locks, dirty brunette gives every hairstyle a completely new look. As with all highlighting coloring techniques, the hair color comes into its own when you style your hair wavy. Imagine having mermaid hair and then styling it in cascading waves; the colors are sure to pop!


Dirty brunette has the decisive advantage that its color palette is neither warm nor cool, but rather neutral. The highlights can then turn out lighter or darker as desired.

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How to care for dirty brunette

Depending on your natural hair color, it may be necessary to dye it to the desired brunette color and then chemically lighten certain sections and strands. In the last step of your dirty brunette transition, the brown to blonde shades, chosen specifically to suit your skin tone, are applied to the lightened areas. Since this coloring process takes a lot out of your hair, make sure you use products that deeply nourish your locks and keep the new color looking fresh.


Ensure you treat your brand new dirty brunette to a weekly special care treatment like the Gliss® Fiber Therapy™ Repair-in-Oil Spray to protect your locks from breakage. We also recommend all Gliss® Color Guard® products such as Color Guard® Shampoo, as they give your multi-faceted dirty-brunette-colored hair radiant luminosity and at the same time provide reliable color protection.

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