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Blondette hair: All there is to know about the hot hair color trend

You may have been under the impression that all brown/blonde hair colors have already been covered by the likes of bronde, honey brown, and ash brown hair, but alas! We introduce you to another hip hair color trend: blondette, also known as blonette. It's not blonde, it's not brunette, but it's somewhere in between.


Originally called dirty blonde, or sunkissed brunette, it ended up with its own moniker after celebs such as Gisele Bundchen and Jennifer Aniston were seen sporting the trend around a decade ago. Well now it’s back and it means business!

A few steps away from gorgeous blondette hair

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Blondette hair is easy to achieve - just make sure you work with your natural color

Before you grab the nearest hair dye, there are a few points you need to consider before the dyeing begins. How you go about achieving the blondette nuance depends on your natural hair:


If you have brown hair, it’s best to go for chunkier blocks of color rather than thin highlights. Coloring your hair so that it’s blonder at the front, but gradually goes darker at the back will give you the best outcome. A great blonde dye we recommend is Color Ultîme® 8.0 Medium Blonde.


If you have blonde hair, incorporating dark sections will make this blondette trend pop! Make sure to ask your hair stylist to dye your locks in a subtle way in order to avoid blocks of color at the roots, which will end up make it look obvious that you dyed your hair when it grows out. A less-noticeable grow-out means fewer trips to the salon. Color Ultîme® 4.1 Rich Brown is the perfect brown to complement your blonde locks.

Our tip

Ask your hair stylist to achieve the blondette look for you if you’re not confident about attempting to blend the different shades yourself. The main objective of the blondette color trend is to have lots of your natural base color showing through. Your hair stylist can recommend which tones suit your eye and skin tone the best for a more natural result.


Adding subtle shimmers using a lighter shade will enhance your features as well as give your locks more movement and texture. With the most complimentary color framing your face, it ensures your best features are highlighted. Blondette hair is low maintenance – it still looks natural even when it’s growing out and your roots are on display. Great for busy bees who aren’t able to visit the salon so often.