Foilyage is the hottest color trend of the moment
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Foilyage: The New Hair Color Trend

First balayage, now foilyage! The coloring specialists have once again developed something new; with the current hair highlighting trend, the foilyage technique expands the proven freehand painting of the balayage method. Find out what it looks like and how it works!

There is a new coloration trend appearing and everyone is talking about it: foilyage! It injects hair with a natural look and a flowing color gradient without any harsh contrasts. The difference compared to the balayage hair color technique? Foilyage is a touch more refined! But let’s start at the beginning.

What's The Difference Between Balayage and Foilyage?

To better understand the foilyage technique, you should first be familiar with the balayage method. Unlike conventional streaking methods where each strand is treated separately with foil, the color is applied to the hair freehand with a brush. The result: a soft and natural color effect.

So What Is Foilyage?

Foilyage is an extension of the balayage method and adds extra refinement to the natural color experience. Unlike the other form of the treatment which uses as brush, foilyage works with foils – as the name suggests. The foil highlights make the coloring method truly eye-catching, especially with dark hair. The coloration effect is more intense and creates amazing hair highlights and accents at the ends – yet the look always remains wonderfully natural.

How Does Foilyage Work?

During the foilyage application, the natural balayage look is created and colored first. That means light color highlights are brushed onto the lengths of your hair by hand all the way to the ends. The hairline remains largely untouched. Then the outer ends are wrapped in foil in order to increase the color intensity.

Post-Treatment Tips

A great side effect: since mainly the lower section of hair is colored, the foilyage look only has to be freshened up every three to four months.


Small beauty tip: since the foils can cause additional damage to hair while coloring, regular care is essential. An intensive hair mask treatment helps prevent dull, lackluster hair.