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Pastel Hair: The Trend You Need

Pastel hair has been taking the world by storm, as stars and influences get more creative and more daring with their hair color choices. Spanning the full spectrum of the rainbow, pastel pink hair can be seen as often in magazines as lavender and lilac hair colors. If you’re itching to get involved with this high impact trend, then you are in luck. We take a look at the most important facts surrounding pastel colored hair, including dye and care tips. 

Pastel hair colors: which is right for you?

girl with pastel hair

Go bold with pastel hair.

Soft candy floss, gentle flower colors and demure sorbet shades are now part of the hair color palette, and they are well on their way to becoming universal favorites. These soft pastel hair colors enhance the beauty of your complexion and can be used to color your entire hair or just the tips. Choosing the right pastel shade for you can rely on a couple of different things: your natural hair color, skin tone and eye color.


Light skin: For people with light colored or very pale skin, finding a pastel hair shade that won’t make you appear washed out is important. Opting for lavender hair color can be very complementary, as can warmer azure tones. Try to stay away from colors on the red and orange spectrum, as well as saturated and vivid colors.


Medium skin tone: Individuals with olive or more tanned skin have a wide choice of colors. Opt for an underwater effect with an array of pastel blue hair tones as well as greens, or burst into a summery style with bright oranges and pinks that pop.


Darker skin: If you have a dark skin tone you are in luck, because there are few colors that don’t suit you! Pick a bright tangerine orange and pair with complementary greens for a striking look, or opt instead for a fuchsia pink effect. 

How to get pastel hair

Permanently colored pastel hair is infamously difficult to achieve without many trips to a salon. Consequently, it’s important to know that you are committed to your shade of choice before booking an appointment. Why not try out our Schwarzkopf göt2b® pastelized sprays first, so you can find the perfect pastel hair color for you? With shades such as peach, cotton candy pink, and denim blue to pick from, you can explore the full rainbow in a week!


If you do choose to go ahead and permanently color your hair pastel, then keep in mind it will almost certainly have to be bleached first. This means there are a number of different care tips you need to follow in order to ensure the long-term health of your hair and pastel color. 

Care for pastel hair tips

Trendy girl with pastel hair color

Pastel hair is a favorite of bloggers.

The key to making pastel hair look great is rigorous care. Using the right products will ensure that you are not stripping the color from the hair, nor are you drying it out too much. For instance, use products specifically designed for colored hair, such as the Gliss® Color Guard shampoo, and aim to use a protective moisturizing treatment or leave-in conditioner at least once a week to ensure your hair stays healthy and hydrated.  


A great way to minimize the stripping effects of harsh shampoos can be to use a dry shampoo instead. Pastel hair is notoriously prone to fading, so restricting the amount you expose it to warm water and direct chemical cleansing agents will help the color to hold out for as long as possible. Try to only shampoo once or twice a week for best results.


Having your hair cut regularly is always important, but especially if you have had an intensive color treatment. Aggressive lightening can damage hair and lead to breakage and split ends, ruining the overall look of your pastel hair style. It’s recommended you get a trim every 6 to 8 weeks to keep those flyaways under control.