Peacock hair lets you stand out from the crowd
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Peacock Hair Color: Prepare To Impress Everyone

As the latest in a string of wild different coloring trends along with mermaid hair and tiger eye hair, opting for peacock ombre is a strong and bold move that is certain to make people sit up and notice. The time and effort required to get this amazing hairstyle might be a lot but is well worth it in the end. Explore more about the process.

Ruffle some feathers with peacock ombre hair

Looking for some experimental hair color ideas? Ones which are all about vivid greens, midnight blues, and lively purples? Then look no further than the peacock hair color! When done right, this coloring effect should result in all the shades and tones seamlessly merging together across your hair to create a wonderful palette.

Who is peacock colored hair best suited to?

Greens and blues make peacock hair sing

Greens and blues make peacock hair stand out from the crowd

While the aim of the peacock hair color is to primarily mix blues, greens, and purples together, there is no rule regarding how you go about this. If you want a dash of pink and even a touch of gold, then go for it! If you prefer to keep things a lot darker and more subtle, then you can make that happen. This hair trend is all about expressing yourself and the best part of it is that everyone will have their own preference. You can even decide how you want to apply the colors: divide them into stark sections or use a peacock ombre hair effect, where the colors go from dark to light in a much more delicate manner.

Achieving the ultimate look for peacock hair color

  • Avoid washing your hair for at least 2-3 days before dyeing, as the natural oils found in your hair assist in the process of lightening.
  • Unless you already have blonde hair, use bleach to make your hair lighter.
  • Brushing your hair before dyeing is vital for removing any tangles that might hinder the application.
  • You’ll have to bleach and then later dye individual strips of hair. This can be achieved by separating portions with specialized hair foils and then applying the dye with a brush.
  • If you are looking for smooth peacock ombre hair, it’s possible to mix the dye in a bowl with just a touch of conditioner, which will make the finished product look so much better.
  • Be sure to always follow the directions on the DIY hair kit and to place petroleum jelly on your neck, ears and forehead to avoid the dye staining the skin.
  • Use a specially treated shampoo for colored hair afterward when washing to ensure your peacock hair color stays vibrant as long as possible!