Use temporary purple hair dye
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Use Temporary Purple Hair Dye For An Instant Makeover

In recent years, there has been a huge trend for taking our hair to the limits and coloring it every shade under the sun. And why not? High impact vivid colors are shocking, stunning and guaranteed to earn you admiring stares. However, committing permanently to a wild look is not always practical. This is where semi-permanent purple hair dye comes in. Take your look to the edge of the rainbow and never look back!

Trying out temporary purple hair color

Get a new look with temporary purple hair dye

Deep purple hair looks incredible with dark makeup

Purple hair is perennially cool, no matter whether you wear it in dark amethyst tones or light lavender hues. Depending upon your natural hair color, getting it to the particular shade of your dreams can vary from a lot of work to a little. This is why starting out with a temporary purple hair dye is highly recommended – if you end up hating the look you are left with, you can rest easy in the knowledge it won’t stick around for long. Compared with permanent dyes, a semi-permanent purple hair color will last around 4 weeks, depending on how well you look after it, and even in that time it’s likely to fade dramatically.

Purple is a party favorite

Spice things up with wash out purple hair dye

Purple hair has been spotted everywhere this season

While purple might be one of the hottest new hair color trends out there at the moment, it has always been a great choice for making an entrance at fancy dress parties. As a darker color, it’s easy to apply to all different types of hair and can be used to enhance lowlights or add dramatic streaks. Depending on the cover you want it to have and how long you want your temporary purple hair to remain vivid, there are different methods and kinds of products for you to use.


For people looking to give their spooky Halloween hairstyles an extra edge, a wash out purple hair dye is the best option. These will typically only last one or two shampoos and are therefore perfect for a single night event with no repercussions for work or school come Monday morning! Temporary purple hair spray is a popular choice as it simply coats the outer layers of the hair and therefore doesn’t create any lasting damage.

How to use temporary purple hair dye

Using wash out purple hair dye at home is the most time and cost efficient way of updating your look. However, despite the packet stating that it’s washable, you might well find that the color stains both your skin and household textiles in a permanent way! Consequently, be sure to follow these coloring rules before you get started with any temporary purple hair dye:


  • Use dark towels and wear old clothes when applying the color. If using a temporary purple hair spray then try to do this outside as the fumes can be harmful.
  • Rub lip balm or petroleum jelly around your forehead where your hairline meets skin in order to prevent any staining from color runoff.
  • If using a semi-permanent purple hair dye from a box, purchasing a simple color brush alongside can be a great investment: it improves accuracy and helps prevents spillage.
  • Use a shower cap and gloves to keep mess to a minimum.