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Temporary Green Hair Dye: Great Color For A Short Time

Whether you’re preparing your outfit for a St. Patrick’s Day celebration or some sort of Halloween costume, temporary green hair color is an absolute must if you really want to go the extra mile! Of course, holidays and parties aren’t the only reasons for coloring your own hair: you might simply wish to change up your natural hair shade and enjoy standing out from the crowd.


What you can gain by trying temporary green hair color

If you’ve decided that today is the day you’re going to dye your hair and be a little daring, then it’s certainly worth considering semi-permanent options. The great thing about going down the temporary route is that you’ll only have around 6-8 washes before the color starts to fade and you’re back to your original shade. Temporary green hair dye is very different from typical colors like black, blonde, or brunette, as it is much brighter and more noticeable. If you love the spotlight and all the attention, then go for it!

Using temporary green hair dye

Try out temporary green hair color

Can you believe this look was achieved with temporary green hair dye?

You now have the chance to look and feel great with a completely different hair color. By using temporary green hair color, you get the freedom of having a semi-permanent look but still get the amazing results of permanent dye. The same thing goes for trying out any other bold and bright shade, be it with temporary blue hair dye or of course not forgetting the trending temporary pink hair dye! What’s more, using a wash-out green hair dye is far easier on your hair than permanent options, because the DIY home kits contain no bleaching or ammonia components. This means that there is no fundamental change within the hair shaft and only the outer layer of the hair is coated with color. Learn how often to color hair but also be sure to read the instructions carefully at home and see what it’s like to have short-term green hair!


Contrary to popular belief, temporary green hair color has no damaging effects on the hair! It’s perfectly safe to try out for all hair types and colors, but it’s worth keeping in mind that lighter hair may take a bit longer to wash out if dyed with a darker color. In most instances, it’s a good idea to use shampoo for colored hair to help prolong the temporary dye.


Changing up your hair color at least once is something we recommend, and while it’s unlikely you’ll have bright colored hair your entire life, temporary green hair dye is great to try to experience something new. It’s a color with a lot of life and heart to it, but it also has a fun side. If you enjoy your time with washable green hair dye, then you could also try something even more eye-catching like mermaid hair!

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