Temporary blue hair dye for you
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Temporary Blue Hair Dye For A New Trendy Look

One of the greatest things about hairstyling is the ability to express yourself in a multitude of different ways, and nowhere is this more apparent than in those who dye their hair wild and unorthodox colors. For those who want to experience what it's like to dye their hair blue but without the long term commitment, there's a solution. Semi-permanent blue hair dye lets you have fun and experiment without worrying about looking professional for that job interview in two weeks.

Temporary blue hair color for the wild at heart

Rather than simply moving between the tested waters of blonde, black, and red hair colors, many people are increasingly taking inspiration from the whole rainbow's worth of shades at their disposal. Whether you are looking to create a look for a fancy dress party or are preparing for a more permanent image change, experimenting with temporary blue hair is fun and carefree.

Who can wear semi-permanent blue hair dye?

Experiment with temporary blue hair dye

Get an incredible blue effect quickly and easily

It used to be that temporary blue hair spray was used solely by very young kids or rebellious teens. But as trends morph into new fashions, so blue hair (and many other colors for that matter) has slipped back into fashion and become accessible to anyone, regardless of their age. The only real question anyone should ask before they start their new coloring adventure is: how long do you want the dye to stay in, and what condition is your hair currently in?


The main consideration when using non-permanent blue hair dye is the efficacy to which it will penetrate your hair follicles. This largely depends on what color your hair is before you apply temporary blue hair color. For those with blonde hair, a semi-permanent blue hair dye will take very easily and appear bright and vivid. For those with darker hair, a temporary blue hair color won't be as strong or vibrant, although it will still offer a subtle and noticeable hue.

Dyeing your hair multiple colors

Multi-colors with temporary blue hair dye

Experiment with all the shades of the rainbow

While temporary blue hair is certainly a great look on almost anyone, a number of hair color pioneers out there take it to the next level and mix in a number of different colors for a truly eclectic and idiosyncratic look. For instance, mixing temporary blue hair with pink, purple and even green streaks can have incredible results. Indeed, the rise of mermaid hair has demonstrated the full range of head-turning effects mixed colors can have. Of course, this type of coloring exists at the extreme end of the spectrum. Many people might choose to only use one or two distinct colors.

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