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Short But Sweet: Using Temporary Black Hair Dye

Everyone will have their own reasons for wanting to use wash out black hair dye, but they can all agree that it’s a worthwhile endeavor in the end! For anyone who has had lighter hair for most of their life, the opportunity to try out black hair temporarily is not to be missed. No matter whether your hair is long or short, if you are young or old, having a dazzling head of rich black hair will make you feel wonderful.  

Why try out temporary black hair dye?

Use temporary black hair dye to look like Dita Von Teese

Use temporary black hair dye to look like Dita Von Teese

Many of us grow tired with the hair color we’ve had our whole lives, but aren’t quite ready to take that next step and use a permanent hair color. For this reason, non-permanent black hair dye is the solution you’ve been waiting for. This type of dye washes out typically in 6-8 washes and your hair will return to its normal color without any issues. So there’s no reason to be afraid about giving semi-permanent hair color a go!


There are other great uses for semi-permanent black hair dye, including Halloween, fancy dress parties, and even cosplaying. Since using wigs can be cumbersome and irritating, having the option to dye your hair black temporarily is much preferred for anyone wanting to dress up as their favorite character.

The effects of using semi-permanent black hair dye

The great thing about black semi-permanent hair color is that it’s much gentler on the hair than permanent dye, as it will only coat the outer hair layers and don’t contain any ammonia or bleaching components. This process can be done easily at home with a DIY kit and the results will look as good as from any salon – just remember to follow all the instructions carefully! Of course, using permanent dye is better in the long run if you plan on keeping this look, but for a test, temporary black hair dye that washes out is the name of the game.


Black hair is strong, sophisticated, and sleek, so we’re sure you’ll love the results after using temporary black hair dye. If you find that you’d love to have black hair even after the shade has washed out, why not consider using permanent black hair color and make it your official look? You won’t regret it!