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Blonde Hair Dye: For Long-Lasting Color

Dream of having a gorgeous blonde hair color that lasts for months and doesn’t require regular salon visits? Permanent blonde hair dye is here to help. Offering vibrant and reliable pigmentation that is sustained over 6 weeks of washes, blonde hair dye is your ticket to a fun new look. Opt for a cool icy blonde look in winter or get that sun-kissed healthy glow in summer: with so many shades to pick from, you’ll always be able to find the perfect match from Schwarzkopf’s permanent blonde hair colors.

Choosing the right permanent blonde hair dye

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Different shades of blonde suit different skin colors

Before jumping right in, it's best to make sure you pick the right shade of blonde hair color for you. Remember: it's easier to gradually darken a shade than to lighten it when bleach is involved! There are a number of different blondes to pick from: from honey shades to ashy and platinum blonde hair colors. Typically, people with warm skin tones are better suited to more golden-hued blonde hair dye, such as the Keratin Color 7.5 Caramel Blonde shade, while those with cool skin tones can pull off the pale and less-pigmented permanent blonde hair colors like Keratin Color 12.0 Light Peal Blonde. To tell which skin tone you have, take a look at your wrists: if your veins appear bluish then you have cooler undertones, while if they seem green then you have a warm skin tone.

Applying permanent blonde hair color

You might be looking to use blonde hair dye over your entire head, to add some shimmery highlights or to touch up your roots. Each of these uses requires a slightly different method of application, but there are a few general rules to always follow:

  • Always perform a strand test first. Everyone’s skin can react differently to products so it's crucial to make sure you are comfortable with the ingredients before applying to your whole head. This is also a good opportunity to test if it's the right permanent blonde hair color for you.
  • Use petroleum jelly or some other balm around your hairline to prevent staining your skin
  • Use old towels and wear an old t-shirt when applying blonde hair color - you don’t want to accidentally bleach your favorite top!
  •  Use an applicator brush for even coverage and wear gloves to protect your hands


Have a shower cap ready to cover the hair while you are letting the color set in

Permanent blonde hair dye aftercare steps

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Experiment with your newly-dyed hair. Straight, curly? It's up to you!

Permanent blonde hair color uses some strong bleaching ingredients that might strip hair of its natural oils in their immediate aftermath. Consequently, it's important to use nourishing conditioners and treatments in the days following coloration. Make sure to use formulas specially designed for colored hair, such as the GLISS® Color Guard® line. This will lock in the blonde hair dye pigments and seal the hair cuticle, so you not only enjoy the glowing blonde color but also have shiny, healthy hair.

Using a hair mask or coconut oil for hair is also a great way to deliver plenty of moisture and nutrients to the hair fast. Apply once a week for best results, and use between a walnut or tennis ball sized amount depending on the length and thickness of your hair.

Permanent blonde hair color will last around 6 weeks, and depending on how fast your hair grows, you may also see some root growth. To keep your hair in optimal condition, remember that you can simply touch up the roots using a small amount of blonde hair dye on a toothbrush, rather than reapplying the color to your whole head.