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Hair Color Ideas Tailored To You

Are you picturing yourself blonde or are you rather partial to warmer shades, like brown hair? You may even play with the idea of surprising everybody by bringing all colors of the rainbow to your hair. Before you reach for the coloring kit, you may like to weigh all your options and find out the most important facts about hair color styles.

Sometimes we get those hair days where everything looks fine, but it still feels like some life and vigor is missing. If this is your reaction, then now's the time for a big transformation because a new hair color can certainly provide that change! Your own inclination will play a strong part in what you'd like to achieve with a new hair shade, but so too should your complexion and your natural hair color.


It's understandable that you may not feel like surprising family and friends with bold hair colors and styles, but rather approaching the new hair color in small steps. Some hair highlights may be worth a try and are a good way to find the right color to improve on the shade you already have.


Semi-permanent kits are a safe way to find your new hair color. This is especially true if you don't like streaks or if your hair is naturally light. Semi-permanent hair color washes out quickly and you'll soon find out whether the color did anything for your style and complexion. The popular two-tone look is another terrific way to experiment with new hair color ideas without coloring your entire head of hair right away. Only the ends of your hair change color, so you can have fun trying new shades. You should only reach for the permanent dye once you have found a hair color which looks and feels right to you. Read on for help finding the best hair color for you.

What Shade of Blonde?

Profile of woman with blonde hair

Blonde hair comes in a variety of shades

Blonde shades range from platinum to dark blonde. The lighter your complexion, the lighter your blonde hair should ideally be. Beige blonde shades look particularly attractive in combination with slightly tanned skin and green eyes. Blue eyes and a light complexion go well with champagne blonde hair. For further hair dye ideas, ashy tones will enhance tender rosy complexions with a bluish violet hue.

What Shade of Brown?

Chocolate brown hair color looks good on almost every woman. You can put the dip and dye method to good use if your hair is long and you want to make sure that it does not appear too dark. Simply dip and dye the lower half of your hair light brown. When searching for new hair color ideas, remember that you can also color your hair lighter on top with darker ends. The color transition should happen at about chin level for long hair. For hair of medium length, the color should gradually change at about ear level.


Light complexions with a yellowish or peach tinge look very attractive with warm brown shades of hair like golden brown, chestnut, or lighter to medium tones. Use ashy shades if your skin is light and has a cool bluish undertone.

What Shade of Red?

woman with red hair

Strawberry blonde, copper, or golden red?

The best hair color for you may well change depending on your skin tone. The lighter the skin, the livelier the shade of red should be. Light red hair color options like copper, golden red, and strawberry blonde are ideal for light skin with a yellowish or peach-colored shimmer.


Hair shades with a touch of blue like Bordeaux are the best hair color choices for women with rosy, slightly bluish-tinged skin. Please note that red looks great in the first few days, however, the color tends to fade quickly. Maintaining dyed red hues requires more care than other hair colors like blonde or brown.


There are so many hair color ideas to try! If you can’t decide whether to color your hair red or brown you may like to try in-between shades like chestnut, golden brown, or mahogany.

What Shade of Black?

woman with black hair

Black hair suits women with either very dark or very light skin

While it isn't a hard and fast rule, it's thought that black hair tends to look best for women with either a very pale or very dark complexion. Women who color their hair with black hair dye can also add dark brown streaks to give texture and depth. Otherwise, the black hair may look too stark.

What more colors are there? Pink, blue and more…

If you like to experiment with unusual looks then take your hair coloring ideas and inspiration from the rainbow! Consider bright colors like pink, purple, blue, or add some shimmering radiance with the göt2b Metallics range. You could even contemplate going the opposite direction of those bright hair dye ideas and opting instead for a shade of gray. Adopting one of these bold and vibrant looks can be a lot of work: you may need to lighten your hair to start and it may require a lot of maintenance after.