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Light Brown Hair: All The Top Looks

Light brown hair is one of the classiest hair colors you can find and is guaranteed to never go out of fashion. Embracing the best of both warm and cool tones, it shines brightly in the light and is flattering for people of all different skin tones. As such an accessible base color, many people choose to wear their light brown hair with highlights or even add color streaks for extra personality and flair. Find out how you can achieve the perfect light brown shade for you.


The appeal of light brown hair color

Trendy light brown hair

Light brown hair is a relaxed favorite among bloggers and fashionistas.

One of the reasons that light brown hair color has such enduring appeal is because of how easy it is to get and look after. Most people won’t have to turn to harsh bleaches to achieve a light brown color, and can do so using less dye as well. Because the dye used for light brown hair is less harsh on your locks when compared with the strong hues of other colors, coloring hair light brown is a relatively healthy option when it comes to dyed hair.


Plus, light brown hair doesn’t need as much maintenance, so you won’t risk coloring your hair too often. Unlike more striking colors that reveal root growth quickly, hair that has been dyed light brown grows out subtly. This means you’ll have to return to the salon less often for touch ups, and will avoid over-processing your hair.

Stay on top of the trends

Woman with light brown hair and ombre tips

Ombre coloring adds heavenly sheen to light brown hair and brings in straight on-trend

With the rise of modern coloring trends such as ombre hair, natural color looks are becoming more fashionable. Light brown hair balayage is now one of the most popular color styles for women of all ages: its natural and sophisticated effect has made it the look of choice for both those headed into the office or off on vacation.


Combining light brown hair with lowlights can be a great way of providing some deeper accents to your overall look. They can help make your hair look thicker and healthier, while making the lighter parts of your hair seem even brighter by contrast. For people with warm skin tones who want to bring out reddish and amber hues, putting caramel highlights in light brown hair helps to add vibrancy.

How to dye light brown hair

Achieving the perfect light brown hair color depends on the natural shade of your hair, or the coloring already in your hair. If you are blessed with naturally dark locks then you will first need to bleach the hair a few shades lighter. For those who have mid-brown, red, or blonde hair, you should not need to use bleach to start with. When mixing your dye, pay attention to how much of the different color hues you are using. For example, if you already have quite rich red tones in your hair, consider using a slightly ashier base to balance it.


Once you have successfully achieved the light brown hair shade you want, be sure to maintain it properly: use shampoos and conditioners specifically tailored to color-treated hair and limit your use of heat tools.