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Dark Brown Hair: Classic Cuts and Care Tips

Dark brown hair is effortlessly dramatic and luxurious. Typically the thickest of hair types, it is known for being full and glossy. A color that is accessible and easy to look after, women of all ages and styles are able to successfully wear it. In celebration of this most dark and alluring shade, we explore all the best styling and care tips to help you show off the best of this color.


Color trends for dark brown hair

Dark brown hair worn in soft waves
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Wear your dark brown hair long and in waves

Those lucky enough to have naturally dark brown hair will know that it presents the perfect base onto which to experiment with different coloring techniques. Infusing your hair with lighter colors can help to make it appear brighter and shinier, while adding the appearance of greater texture and depth. On the other hand, layering dark brown hair with blonde highlights can bring you straight into summer with a sun-kissed look, especially when styled into loose beach waves.


In recent years, dark brown hair with blonde balayage has risen to prominence as a number of celebrities, models, and influencers have used this cutting-edge coloring technique to infuse their locks with stunning tints. Adding colors with a metallic edge, such as chestnut and copper, ensures that your natural shine is amplified and lengthens the appearance of your hair as it becomes progressively lighter towards the tips. You can also get ombre hair that's dark brown for a more dramatic finish. 


During the colder months, lowlights for dark brown hair are a great option as they give added drama to your locks. Red, amber, purple, and black are all popular shades to be run through the lower layers of the hair to add a touch of wintery depth. A great upside to lowlights is that they cause less damage than hair highlights and can be added in phases to ensure you get the exact shade you want.  

Useful dark brown hair care tips

Dark brown hairs thats healthy
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Healthy dark brown hair reflects light to give you incredible shine

Dark brown hair is often thick and coarse, which means it requires a very specific kind of attention and care. Be sure to shampoo your hair regularly but not every day, as this will strip your hair of the natural oils and proteins that keep it sleek. After shampooing, always use a nourishing conditioner, applied from the middle section of your hair down to the tips. Leave this in for as long as possible to help ensure it penetrates deep into the individual hair strands. Wash your hair with lukewarm water and try to use a hair wrap for frizz-free natural drying.


Dyed dark brown hair may require specific treatments to ensure it stays in the best shape possible. Use a specific shampoo for colored hair and try to refrain from using heat tools too often. Try to brush your hair only while it’s wet and use a detangling lotion if necessary to prevent you from tearing through hair knots. Depending on your natural hair color, you may need to perform root cover-ups every four to eight weeks.


There are several other ways to keep your dark brown hair looking its best all year round. Make note of the following tips:


  • Consider using dry shampoo once a week on an off shower day, so that your hair stays clean and you create volume without stripping away natural oils like after using liquid shampoo.
  • For colored hair, ask your hairstylist to do a glossing treatment to help add shine to your hair between dye jobs.
  • Check out hairspray products that actually defend against UV rays during the hotter months. Wearing a hat is also important when outside to prevent sun damage.
  • After swimming in a pool, ensure you shampoo and condition your hair soon afterward. This is because chlorine in swimming pools can strip away essential oils in our hair. Wearing a swimming cap helps to prevent any damage from chlorine.