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Bronde Hair: A Hybrid Color Trend Like No Other

Is it brunette or blonde? Light or dark? Well, why can’t it be both? It’s sometimes hard to choose just one color when we feel like a new look, but with the bronde hair color, you can have a gorgeous mix of brunette and blonde that will have you wondering why this took so long to happen! We’ll provide some tips on how to get this trending color.


Woman with wavy bronde hair

Bronde: for a subtle color change

Admittedly, the look is not entirely new. Celebrities like Olivia Palermo, the Olsen twins and Sarah Jessica Parker have been swearing by the mix of blonde and brunette for a long time, wearing it as naturally as can be. Yet the bronde hue was developed by color specialists and the proper technique is crucial to really making it look good.

What is the bronde hair trend exactly?

Woman with bronde hair in a forest

The perfect choice for natural-looking locks

Put simply, bronde is a fusion between blonde and brown hair, creating a sun-kissed, striking result that looks bright yet natural. In the end, you’ll get a fine mix of brunette and blonde streaks running throughout your hair from the roots to the ends. The transitions between the colors are so delicate that they merge seamlessly with each other. Bronde hair is quite low-maintenance and doesn’t require as many touchups.


The color trend enriches an already natural blonde or brunette, but can also be a bold change for anyone with darker hair. A nice side effect is that the hair color actually appears even more natural after the streaks start to fade slightly – just make sure you’re following the best tips on how to wash your hair correctly.

How to get bronde hair

Woman with bronde hair looking back over her shoulder

Visit a salon to get the consistency of both colors just right

Just like if you were to get blonde balayage or ombre hair, your first foray into bronde should begin with a consultation at a salon. Hair professionals can provide you with the right tips for a color that suits your hair length, complexion, and hair type. They will likely perform a strand test to assess your hair condition. Those with darker hair may require a few salon visits to get the perfect hair color.


The option to go bronde is great for anyone who prefers a low-commitment color, because the process isn’t nearly as intense as other hair color trends. You can either grow out the color or book another salon visit around 6 weeks later, as you please. The use of silver or purple shampoo can really help prevent the hair from taking on a brassy or yellow tone, but you can simply use this once a week, as bronde hair color does look great with warmer tones.


Overall, this color trend isn’t drastic or extreme, but instead a subtle way to have the best of both worlds: brunette and blonde. Bronde hair provides you with the opportunity to start a new season with a bold look, particularly when winter or fall comes around. For brunettes who want just a touch of blonde, or blondes who want a slightly warmer and beachy tone, bronde is the perfect in-between hair color that is low-commitment and low-maintenance!