Model demonstrates how to straighten hair
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Straightening Aids: Shampoo, Hair Drying, and Spray

Would you like to turn the curls on your head into cascades of straight silk without the damaging effect of flat irons? Just apply our tips and tricks to transform your natural curls into straight soft and shiny hair!

Do you imagine yourself with straight sleek hair? Do you believe that straight hair would add femininity and elegance to your personal appearance, or are you simply intrigued by the silky luster of straight hair? Then you are going to love our simple ways to straighten hair.


The Sleek Look Starts with Hair Straightening Shampoo


Hair care and hair straightening go hand in hand. Using a straightening shampoo is going to make your hair supple and extra shiny. After every shampoo, you should apply a straightening conditioner. It is best to apply the conditioner only to the ends and the hair close to the ends. Be sure to thoroughly rinse out the conditioner after short application. Please remember that conditioners are not to be applied to the scalp where they would lead to oily hair roots. For very unruly and hard to control curls you should also apply special anti-frizz serum or a hair cure for straight hair. These treatments should be worked through the towel-dry hair. Precious ingredients like plant oils, silicone and proteins in these treatments help to straighten hair.


The Hair Straightening Secret is in the Technique


Air-drying makes keeping hair straight very difficult. Invariably, even very fine and straight hair is going to show soft waves after air-drying. In addition to the right shampoo, straight hair also requires you to master the blow-dryer. The best technique requires blow-drying your hair while pulling it over a brush strand by strand. A round brush works best for short hair. You should use the round brush like a hair roller, warm the rolled up strand of hair using your blow-dryer and swiftly pull the brush out of your hair in a straightening motion, while the warm air stream from the blow-dryer follows the brush. We recommend using a wide paddle brush for long hair. However, the technique remains the same. You may also work special straightening crèmes, lotions or sprays through your hair before using the blow-dryer to straighten it. On a practical note, we like to mention that some of the leave-in hair straighteners conveniently contain heat protectants, which keep more moisture in your hair.


Hair Straighteners: Care with the Ends in Mind


Now that you have worked so hard on your shiny straight hair, you want to keep it in this silky condition. Of course, it would be best to stay inside and avoid all wind and rain. Since this is not always possible and somewhat boring, a straightening hair spray is a good alternative. Use this kind of spray to hold your hair straight and in place from early morning through the work day and into the late party hours and the evening on the town. Straightening hair sprays maintain the sleek look without weighing your hair down.