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Washing Your Hair Properly: Reverse Hair Washing


There is a new trend in hair washing that doesn’t result in your locks being weighed down and instead allows them to shine: Reverse hair washing. We explain what this method is, which hair types can benefit the most from it as well as revealing the advantages of this reverse washing trend.


If you have fine hair or hair that gets greasy quickly, you’ll know the following scenario only too well: After you’ve washed your hair, it doesn’t stay fresh for long, but starts to just hang lifelessly after a few hours or a day if you’re lucky. There is a simple trick that you can incorporate into your daily routine so that your hair stays looking fresh and grease-free for a lot longer. This trick is known as reverse hair washing. It gets its name because you first use conditioner and then shampoo – it couldn’t be any simpler!

Why reverse hair washing is perfect for fine locks

Woman with freshly washed black hair

Reverse hair washing: your locks have never looked so good!

Fine hair in particular is often weighed down by too much conditioner. By first using conditioner and then shampoo, you remove a lot of the conditioner, meaning there’s not as much left to weigh it down, but your hair is still getting all the care it needs. The reverse hair washing principle also works with hair masks. First let the mask do its thing, then wash your hair with shampoo. This prevents fine hair from being over-nourished.


It’s not only fine hair that benefits from reverse washing - curly hair looks even more striking when washed this way. The curls are not weighted down so they curl more and sit better.

How to wash your hair properly

Reverse hair washing is not the only way to get the most out of your fine or curly hair. Another thing you could do is take these steps into account when applying conditioner or a hair mask: work the product mainly into the full length of the hair. This prevents the scalp and roots from getting greasy quickly. Afterwards, use a hazelnut-sized amount of shampoo. Tip: Professionals usually repeat the shampooing process since this ensures that the hair is free of all styling product residue. Finally, rinse your hair thoroughly with water, preferably until your hair squeaks slightly. Don’t forget to always use lukewarm water to wash your hair. If the hair is washed on too hot a setting, it will dry out.