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The Best Shampoo For Men: What To Use & How Often

Whether you like to shop online or stroll down the grocery store aisles, the sheer number of shampoos for men on offer can sometimes be overwhelming. However, we're here to help ensure that shampooing is always easy and stress-free. The main things to consider are your scalp type and how regularly you should be washing your hair. Read on for all the hair advice you need.

Mistakes to avoid when considering men's shampoo

While finding the right shampoo and the ingredients used in each bottle are both things that men should think about, it's also important to properly understand how to wash your hair. There are many errors that people make when washing their hair – these are some of the most common:

Washing your hair too much

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Washing your hair too much can strip it of its natural oils

Hair experts will agree that washing your hair every day is actually doing it more harm than good. This is because your hair's natural oils actually help prevent your scalp from drying out; shampooing every day starts to strip that away. It can also take a toll on your hair follicles at the roots, which means your hair will be weaker. Therefore, every two or three days a week is the recommended amount of times to apply shampoo. If you do have weak or damaged hair, why not try out our Gliss Ultimate Repair shampoo and conditioner? With liquid keratin in its award winning formula, this intense repair solution helps promote deep reconstruction and leaves hair up to 90% stronger. 

Not washing your hair enough

Even the best dandruff shampoo for men will have a tough battle when it's up against a buildup of dandruff and grease. Allowing your hair's natural oils to increase will speed up the rate of dandruff, and leaving in any hair product for several days on end without shampoo can lead to clogged pores. Using specific shampoo for oily hair is important, but washing your hair with water in the days between using shampoo is completely fine and generally recommended.

Not using conditioner

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Condition can preserve your hair's oils

Men's haircuts today are varied in style and length, but in spite of that, the same hair care tips should still apply when it comes to using conditioner.
It’s sometimes considered less important when compared to buying the best shampoo for men, but conditioner is actually just as vital for a comprehensive hair care plan. Helping to protect your hair from losing oil after shampooing, it also prevents dryness by keeping the moisture in the follicles and the scalp. What’s more, you can show your beard the same level of cleansing and conditioning care with the göt2b Phenomenal beard shampoo.

How to choose the right shampoo for men

When looking to buy men's shampoo, remember that an oily scalp is different to a dry scalp, so pick up the right shampoo for the right problem. There are, of course, shampoos for normal scalps as well. Some helpful ingredients to look out for are jojoba oil (helps reproduce hair cells faster), shea butter (useful for providing moisture and vitamins to the hair and scalp), and aloe vera (assists in repairing dead skin cells). When we think about the best hair shampoo for men, it might simply come down to price for you, but the main points to consider are your scalp type, scent, and the ingredients used.