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Beauty Report: Your Must-Have Hair Tools and Products for 2015

What better way to start the New Year than to upgrade your look with gorgeous hair? Who doesn’t want healthier, fuller, shinier, more beautiful hair? Amazing hair is built on more than just a great cut, although that’s a huge part. The right tools and products can make or break your look. Richard Collins, hair stylist to some of the biggest names in Hollywood, gives us his take on the ones that will be the all-stars of your 2015 hair game.

If you have nothing else in your beauty tool roundup this year, Richard says to make sure to invest in a great professional blow dryer. Professional dryers are much more powerful than normal ones. They use advanced technology for softer, shinier results that last longer, with far less frizzing. The more often you use your hair dryer, the more important it is that you own a high quality one. The difference a professional dryer makes is amazing.


The second most important tool in your beauty arsenal, according to Richard, is a flat iron. Not only does it reduce frizz and give you stick-straight strands but you can use it to crimp and add texture. Today’s crimping is much more subtle than it was in the 80’s and it’s one of the easiest things you can do with a flat iron. Grab a one-inch section of hair and position your flat iron at the root. Begin twisting your wrist back and forth, as you glide the iron all the way down to your ends. Repeat until all strands have been tended to. Texture usually comes with two-day-old hair, but with a flat iron, you can get the same effect on clean hair. Loosely braid a few one-inch sections of hair around your face. Run your flat iron over the braids, and then undo them. Repeat these steps all over your head until you are fully texturized.


The final tool in your 2015 roundup is a curling wand. Unlike traditional curling irons, wands don’t have a clamp. You get curls by wrapping your hair around the barrel, resulting in no creases in your curls. Wrapping your hair around the barrel instead of twirling the curling iron creates more volume in the curl, and allows you to get closer to the root. And the best part is that wrapping your hair from root to tip results in less heat damage, as the ends hit the barrel last, rather than first like in a traditional curling iron. A curling wand allows you to create a beautiful, even looking wave that will hold for several hours in a matter of minutes.


Now that you have your hair tools, you’ll need some great products on hand and Richard has rounded up his favorites from Schwarzkopf. Protect your hair from all the damage caused by heat styling with Schwarzkopf Crystal Shine & Hold Heat Protection Spray, and be sure to use Schwarzkopf Omega Repair & Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner to defend your strands against dryness and the harsh elements of winter. Another one of Richard’s must-haves to keep frizz at-bay is Schwarzkopf Satin Frizz Control and Protect Nutri-Nectar Oil. And don’t forget to keep your strands in place with Schwarzkopf Crystal Shine & Hold Laminating Shine Hairspray. Finally, for shorter cuts, Richard loves Schwarzkopf Crystal Shine & Hold Transparent Polishing Pomade It’s an amazing texturizer and perfect for your guy too.


Stock up on the best of the best tools and Schwarzkopf products this year and make 2015 your most beautiful yet!