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Shampoo for Red Hair: Keep it Dazzling

From Ginger Spice to Jessica Chastain to Christina Hendricks, redheads have captivated us for decades—we just can't get enough of this beautiful hair color! It doesn't matter if you're naturally blessed with the shade or have used red hair color, using the best shampoo for red hair is important to be certain that this gorgeous crimson color won't fade or lose its luster.


Using the right shampoo for redheads

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The correct shampoo for red hair will keep your locks looking amazing for longer

There are many different types of shampoo for red dyed hair, but a lot of these contain strong preservatives and chemicals which may clean your hair effectively, but strip away the beautiful scarlet color in the process. Choosing the best shampoo for red hair is therefore imperative if you wish to keep your look for a long time!


For anyone who has had red hairstyles before, you may well be aware of how difficult it was to keep it a glowing, ruby red for as long as possible. In general, hair that has been dyed red actually fades quicker than other shades due to the color molecules being relatively small. This then results in the hair dye slipping out of the hair cuticles faster than other colors when washing your hair. Fortunately, the process can be slowed down by using the correct shampoo for red hair.

Ingredients to avoid in shampoo for dyed red hair

In order to keep your hair looking like a nice shade of cherry red, do your best to avoid using shampoos with any of the following ingredients:


  • Ammonium chloride
  • Glycol
  • Formaldehyde
  • Ammonium lauryl sulfate
  • Sodium laureth sulfate
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate


While some of these ingredients may be fine for anyone with dyed brunette or black hair, experts agree that they should be avoided for anyone on the red color spectrum as they are the most damaging to the shade and will result in premature color fading.

Ingredients to look for in shampoo for redheads

There are three crucial ingredients which can prolong the vivacity and tone of your red dyed hair: sodium myreth, citric acid, and cocamidopropyl. Additionally, it's a great idea to wait around 48 hours until washing your hair after dyeing it red, as this will help lock in the color. You can also reduce the temperature of your shower, or even tie up your hair when showering to avoid getting it wet if you used shampoo for red hair the previous day.


Overall, redheads may have to work a bit harder in order to keep the flaming look alive, but if you follow our tips and learn how to maintain red hair, then you'll have vivid scarlet locks for so much longer! Remember: use specialized shampoo for red colored hair, lessen the use of curlers and hairdryers, avoid chlorine as much as possible, and only dye it once in a 6-week period.


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