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Use Shampoo For Colored Hair To Ensure The Best Results

For anyone who has recently dyed their hair, it’s imperative to take the appropriate steps to protect and care for it. Dyeing hair requires a set of processes to occur within the hair shaft for the color to set, and these chemical changes can be damaging for hair health if not looked after appropriately. Color shampoo is specially designed to target the needs of dyed hair, and works to promote health and color longevity.

How shampoo for color treated hair works

Use specific shampoo for colored hair

Using shampoo for colored hair fights against fading

When you dye your hair, chemical agents within the dye lift up the hair cuticle and allow the color to penetrate into the core of the hair strand. The cuticle is the hair’s protective layer and while raised it is unable to do its job, leaving the hair strands weakened. Meanwhile, the color that has attached itself to the hair is left vulnerable and is easily washed out.

Color safe shampoos work in two ways to help protect and enhance freshly dyed hair. Firstly, they work to cleanse the hair without affecting the natural chemical balance of the hair. This means that they have lower sulfate levels and contain fewer harsh ingredients that might strip the color away. Secondly, color protecting shampoo provides all of the regenerative and hydrating ingredients that your hair craves, helping to fast-track your hair cuticles back to health and give it that soft, sleek salon finish.


Tips for using shampoo on dyed hair

  • Put off washing your hair for a few days after dyeing
  • Do not use hot water to cleanse your hair; the cooler the better
  • Try to use dry shampoo when possible to limit your hair’s contact with water
  • Use a shower cap when not shampooing your hair
  • Always use color safe shampoo and follow up with a good conditioner 

What hair is most vulnerable to color loss?

Different hair colors have different sized molecules, making them more or less susceptible to fading. From the traditional spectrum, red hair color is known for being the most difficult to maintain as it is prone to washing out and losing vibrancy quickly. Lighter blonde colors can be retained for a little longer but require considerable upkeep as the bleaching process that strips the hair of its original color is very harsh and the toners that are applied on top can turn brassy without good care. Darker shades of brunette and black are the easiest and most long-lasting colors.


No matter what color you choose to dye your hair, make sure to find and use the right color protecting shampoo for you and enjoy long-lasting vibrancy and shine. Also, try using a hair mask every week or so to ensure adequate hydration and nourishment.