Blue shampoo for brunettes
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Blue Shampoo Will Transform Your Color

If you haven’t heard about it yet, where have you been? Blue shampoo is taking the hair world by storm on account of its ability to radically transform dull-looking brown hair into brilliant and glossy color. Here we take a look at all things related to this miracle product for brunettes: who needs it, how to use it, and what kind of results blue shampoo might offer you.

Blue shampoo for brown hair

Just as blondes have their purple shampoo, brunettes can rejoice that they too now have a shampoo dedicated to enhancing their color. Blue shampoo is used to help neutralize the brassy tones that can arise in brown hair that is lightened by hair colorant. It can also help protect against any naturally arising orange or reddish hues that can start to appear when hair is lightened by the sun.   


A blue shampoo toner is recommended for anyone that fits into one of the following categories:


  • Natural brunettes who have any kind of blonde balayage, ombre or highlighting effects in their hair
  • If you have colored your hair to a shade of brown lighter than your natural color

What’s the best blue shampoo and conditioner for me?

Enhance your color with blue shampoo

Enhance your brunette color with blue shampoo

First of all, it’s important to select a blue shampoo toner that offers the right shade of blue pigment to deposit and counteract the unwanted hues in your hair: some blue shampoos will be more or less vibrant, so take a look at a color wheel and find the shade that directly contrasts to the orange tone in your hair. It’s also important to consider the consistency of the shampoo you buy; a very thick and viscous solution may weigh down and overburden thin or fine hair.


Although blue shampoo is best known for its color clarifying properties, blue conditioner can also play an integral role in any brunette’s hair care regimen. Where a shampoo alone can be somewhat harsh for hair, a combination of blue shampoo and conditioner helps to both correct tone and nourish hair to ensure a smooth, glossy and shiny finish that locks in the brunette colors.

How to use blue shampoo for brunettes

Blue shampoo for brown color

Blue shampoo helps maintain ombre and balayage color

For best results from blue shampoo, it is good to first wash your hair with whatever cleansing shampoo you like; whether that’s a clarifying shampoo or something gentler, it’s foremost important to remove all traces of dirt and grease so that the blue shampoo toner can really target your hair shaft.


Depending upon your hair length and thickness, the actual amount of shampoo you will need to use can vary. Base your judgment on how much hair colorant or shampoo you would normally use and go from there: don’t be afraid if you get this wrong at first, there is always an element of trial and error!


Work the blue shampoo through your hair from the roots to the tips, ensuring that areas with the most noticeable brassiness have the most lotion applied. You can then let the blue pigments work their magic for anywhere between 3-10 minutes: again, this is something you will have to work out gradually over repeated tries.

How often to use blue shampoo + aftercare tips

Knowing how often to use blue shampoo will largely depend upon the specific needs of your hair and the frequency with which you color it, expose it to strong sunlight or use heat treatments on it. The general rule, however, is to try and work in using a blue shampoo toner once a week.

There are a number of different day-to-day care and styling tips you can follow in order to keep your brown locks in the best condition. Find out more about brunette hair care to enjoy endless good hair days.