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Best Shampoo For Curly Hair: All The Important Facts

Thankfully, these days it's actually very easy to find specific shampoo for wavy hair meaning you no longer need to put up with products that don't get the job done. As curly hair is completely different to straight hair, the same should be the case for shampoo! Battling frizz is part of the issue, but the shampoo also needs to be able to moisturize your hair follicles without completely flattening them in the process!

What should you look for in curly hair shampoo?

Use curly hair shampoo for best results

Wear your curls big and healthy

Naturally curly hair can dry out quicker than straight hair, so be sure to pick a shampoo which is both hydrating and moisturizing. In general, don't be afraid to change up the shampoo and conditioner you use throughout the year! Your hair will benefit from seeing a range of different products throughout the seasons, as you may well find that the shampoo you use in summer is not as effective as the ones you use for your winter hair care. Mix and match to find the right combination for you.


It should be noted that choosing the right shampoo for curly hair is important for the styling process later on, so it's vital to get it right first time. Curly hair often results in a lot of dryness and frizziness, so make sure to use excellent salon-recommended products for your hair. Don't skimp on quality – treat your hair with the respect it deserves. Remember, some women would love to know how to curl hair, so embrace your gorgeous natural curls!


Curly hair can be a bit more delicate than other types of hair, though, because the natural oils our scalps produce can't reach the ends of the strands of hair as easily. This can result in dryness, but it also means that those with wavy hair have to work a little bit harder with their curly hair products to keep their locks looking amazing.

The dos and don’ts of shampoo for curls

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Protect your curls with the right hair care

When using shampoo for wavy hair, you'll find you don't need to shampoo every day, as 2-3 times a week is recommended by hair experts. Any more than 2-3 times a week and your hair can become dry and fragile. Whenever you use curly hair shampoo, ensure you also use conditioner to help your hair stay moisturized. You’ll want a mild shampoo which doesn't strip away too much of your hair's natural oils, otherwise you are always facing an uphill battle when it comes to styling and nourishing your hair.


Beyond using the right shampoo for curly hair, note that washing with lukewarm or cold water is actually better for your hair as the colder temperature keeps the cuticles shut, meaning that moisture is locked in and helps reduce frizz. Also, when drying your hair, try not to rub too vigorously with a towel. Pat your hair dry or let it air dry naturally if you have time. Alternatively, wear a small towel on your hair made from a light fabric like silk. If you are wondering how to get blowout hair when you have natural curls, be sure to only use the dryer on the cold setting or with a diffuser, as this will k

Good and bad ingredients found in curly hair shampoo

In general, look for something which is sulfate-free, as this means that your hair will stay far more hydrated and prevent additional dryness. Anything containing parabens, sodium chloride, or formaldehyde is best to be avoided in curly hair shampoos. On the other hand, shampoo containing almond oil, olive oil, or shea butter are all great for moisturizing your hair and keep it from getting dry. Celebrities like Beyoncé, Ariana Grande, Vanessa Hudgens and Mariah Carey are all known for their beautiful, curly hair, so if you need any more hair inspiration, then look to those ladies.