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With much effort you just whipped your hair in shape. Every hair is in place. Then you step out of the house and in no time at all the weather eliminates all signs of style or order. It sometimes takes only a little humidity to bring out the worst in your hair. Gone is the sleek shiny look, wind and moisture won't let up until your hair is frizzy and at its dullest. However, this is now coming to an end. Styling products take charge of unruly hair and prevail even against storm, drizzling rain and high humidity

There are various causes for unruly hair. Your hair may be tightly curled or bend in all the wrong directions. Of course, it may also be naturally wild with a tendency to resist styling. Still, most styling problems are caused by frequent shampooing, hot blow-drying, coloring or treatments to perm hair. All these styling actions lead to a lack of moisture, making the hair dry, brittle and nappy. To make matters worse, over-processed hair is often negatively charged. This causes additional unwanted styling problems with the hair rising up from the scalp at times.

Moisturizing Hair Products

Over-processed and frizzy thin hair certainly should not be weighed down by heavy conditioners, which are rich in lipids. Instead, such hair desperately needs proteins. Shampooing diminishes the hair's substance and in particular removes proteins. Styling products with proteins replenish these proteins. The added proteins rebuild the core hair structure and strengthen the hair.


Shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in hair treatments and hair masks contain moisturizers. Their regular use produces healthier smooth hair with magnificent luster. Sufficiently moisturized hair is also no longer a problem in humid climates and drizzly weather.

Structure-Enhancing Hair Products

Fragile brittle hair shafts cause split ends and make hair frizzy, rough and dull. The hair cuticles are supposed to envelop the hair shaft in a smooth layer. If this layer is distorted light is no longer reflected and the hair looks dull. Hair care products with silk, soy or wheat protein strengthen the weakened hair structure. Until the next shampoo, their protein ingredients fill in defective hair structures and coat the hair with a whisper-thin protective film. As a result the hair looks shiny and feels smooth and supple.


Help for brittle hair also comes from active ingredients like coenzyme Q10, which promotes the formation of the hair's basic building block keratin. Active ingredients like bamboo silica and Ginseng root extracts strengthen thin over-processed hair. Tried and true remedies for thin brittle hair are also products with an 'ionic polymer shield', which neutralize the negative charge in hard to style hair. The ionic polymer shield restores the smooth cuticle layer and repairs the hair structure from the inside out.

Products to Make Hair Supple

Thick unruly hair needs lipids in addition to the structure-enhancing ingredients. Hair care products with precious plant oils provide the hair with the much needed unsaturated oily acids. You have a choice of light plant oils like Marula, almond, sesame or apricot kernel oil or richer oils like Amaranth, Argan or olive oil. The latter oils are particularly suitable for thick wavy hair. Some of the above named oils can even be used as leave-in hair treatments. Other oils are added to shampoos and conditioners, which are rinsed out.