Hair Care | Damaged Hair

Brittle hair: Time to get sleek


You’ve probably experienced it a million time: some days your hair just has a mind of its own and is really stubborn. The ends are flicking out the wrong way, it looks unkempt. And shine - what was that again? We know tricks for turning brittle hair into silk.


Brittle hair is damaged hair. There are multiple causes for your locks suddenly taking on a straw-like appearance: blow-drying using a too-hot setting, using straightening irons frequently, bleaching too often. But illnesses, certain medications, or extreme crash diets can also contribute to your damaged mane. The result: the cuticle layer of the hair becomes rough, white dots appear, and your hair just can’t be tamed. With this little SOS guide we explain how you should treat brittle hair:

Perfect care for brittle hair

Woman confused by scissors and straightening irons

Your hair suffers a lot so it's time to give it some much-needed TLC

Dyeing, bleaching, perms: Your hair might have gone through a lot lately and unfortunately it shows. It’s special care only from here on out. Let’s start with washing. When shampooing, do not rub your hair like a crazy person, but simply knead the shampoo gently into your hair and scalp. This is less likely to knot your hair and makes it easier to comb when wet. A conditioner is a must. The same applies to drying: Take it easy! First let you hair dry naturally for a while wrapped up in a towel turban, then carefully comb it with a wide-toothed comb. A leave-in treatment can also do wonders to your hair especially if it contains ingredients such as cranberries and açai berries. This power cocktail of important vitamins and antioxidants coat each strand, repairs the damage, and protects the hair from drying out while being blow-dried.

Gentle styling to fight the frizz

Brunette woman blow-drying her hair with a round brush

Round brushes are your friend when it comes to blow-drying your locks

Anti-frizz products can help to smooth your hair even more, especially thick, strong hair. They put a wafer-thin coat around each individual hair, give care to brittle sections and overall, smooth the cuticle layer. The result is that your mane will finally be able to reflect light again, which leaves it looking super shiny. When the time comes to wash your hair again, you should simply let the hair air dry, if this isn’t possible, make sure you adjust the hair dryer to medium heat level and go for the lowest blower setting. Diffuser hairdryers or those with ion technology work particularly gently on your hair. To restore shine and suppleness to stubborn hair, blow-dry it in sections using a thick round brush. Important: Keep the hairdryer at least 6 to 8 inches away from your head and always comb the hair from top to bottom. This closes the cuticle layer and gives additional shine. With styling products, you should also focus on ones that help with suppleness. Wax or gel wax are also good for brittle hair.