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BB Cream For Hair

So you want dream hair without much effort? Then look no further than BB cream: it promises to make your hair look amazing. The all-in-one care product was originally developed for skin, but is now available to help you achieve a smooth, shiny mane. We explain what BB cream does and how to use it.


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BB Cream works wonders on your hair

A full-time job, family, going out... there’s no time left for anything else. But even during the most stressful of times, beauty shouldn’t take a back seat! If only hair care routines weren’t so time consuming... wait! There is a solution and it comes in the form of an all-in-one cream - a care product that combines everything your skin and hair need. BB cream is a miracle cure. This cream has already proven itself successful when used as part of a skin care routine. Now BB cream has also moved on from skin and plans to tackle our hair woes.


How does it work? We’ll explain…

What is BB cream?

The abbreviation “BB” stands for "Blemish Balm". The multifunctional product soothes, firms, covers, relaxes, and protects against UV rays. The balm is a day cream, anti-aging fluid, sunscreen and foundation all in one. A hit in the field of cosmetics! So it’s no wonder that hair experts have been so impressed with what it does for the skin that they’ve developed it for hair as well.

What can BB cream do for hair?

Similar to facial care, BB cream for hair offers a combination of intensive conditioning and protective properties: more resistance, more frizz control, more volume, shine and suppleness, less split ends, less hair breakage. The super cream combines everything in one product. This all-rounder cream gets your mane into shape… and fast. After just one application, you can enjoy silky soft hair, brilliant luminosity, natural volume, and will be able to immediately work a comb through your hair without worrying about knots.

How does BB cream work for hair?

Rich ingredients such as vegetable oil help your hair to survive everyday life. You might have given up on your matt mane, but you can revive it and make it flawless and shiny again. A weightless formula with liquid elements keeps moisture locked into hair, prevents frizz, and provides a silky soft structure - without weighing it down. Unlike the version for your skin, blemish balm for your hair contains no pigments and therefore doesn’t change its color.

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How do I use BB cream for my hair?

BB cream is used as a leave-in treatment, which means you don’t have to rinse it out. Simply apply a hazelnut-sized amount of BB cream to towel-dried hair after washing it and let it work its magic. Thanks to the mild ingredients, you can use the cream daily without worrying about it being too much for your locks.