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What Are The Best Products For Permed Hair?

As anyone who has ever permed their hair knows, while your curls can look great in the salon immediately post-treatment, they can take a lot of upkeep to stay in great shape afterwards. Consequently, finding the best products for permed hair that will complement your hair’s natural texture and weight is imperative. Find out all the best tips and tricks to keep your new perm hair looking its best right here.

Using different hair products for permed hair

woman with permed hair

Permed hair looks great in the summer.

There are two dominant types of perming: single and dual action. Depending on the natural texture of your hair and what the desired outcome is, your hairdresser will choose which method to use. No matter what option you undergo, both are strong chemical treatments that require appropriate aftercare. Using the right product for permed hair will not only ensure that you are able to enjoy the results of the treatment for as long as possible, but also so that your hair stays strong, healthy and beautiful.


Using specialist hair products for chemically treated hair should be your first step in establishing your post-perm care routine. This means a shampoo that isn’t too harsh or aggressive and a conditioner that is extra smoothing and moisturizing. Ideally, you should use a conditioning product for permed hair daily, while keeping washing to a minimum (at most every other day). Frequently using a leave-in conditioner also helps to lock in moisture and nourish your curls.

Care tips and products for permed curly hair

woman looking great with permed hair

Pemed hair never goes out of trend.

Comb: Everyone with curly hair knows that their wide-tooth hair comb is their best friend. The dense bristles of a regular brush will easily break your hairs, so use the comb gently after applying conditioner in the shower.

Detangler: While we’re on the topic, freshly permed hair is weak and the curls will make it knot faster and easier, so using a detangling lotion is one of the best products for permed hair to prevent damage.

Satin cap: Curly hair can easily become knotted and frizzy overnight causing breakage and damage. To help prevent this, try wearing a satin cap to sleep: the satin reduces friction between your hair and the pillow and helps keep your ends from drying out.

Curl enhancer: Post-treatment, you are going to want to invest in a few specialty hair products for permed hair. A lightweight curl enhancer that has little-to-no alcohol or silicones is an excellent choice for keeping your locks refreshed and bouncy, without drying them out or weighing them down.