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For Shiny, Supple Hair: Lecithin in Hair Care

The oily substance lecithin is one of the ingredients in hair care products. It helps to turn dry, brittle hair into silky, shiny hair. Lecithin also reverses some of the effects of hair aging. We describe the role of lecithin in hair care products and its benefits for specific types of hair

What is lecithin and why is it in hair care products? Both plants and animals synthesize lecithin. It may also be ingested or used in cosmetic products. Lecithin is one of the key building blocks of the membranes inside and outside of every cell. The oily substance is particularly abundant in eggs (animal lecithin) and plant oils. Most of the plant lecithin is extracted from oil seeds like soybean, sunflower, and canola seeds (canola is a rapeseed variety). The yellowish brown oily substance is then processed to suit the various uses.

The oily lecithin in hair care products is particularly beneficial for thin, dry, and brittle hair.

Lecithin in Hair Care Provides Supple, Shiny Hair

Lecithin in hair care products helps to achieve healthy looking, shiny hair, which is silky to the touch. Especially dry hair benefits from the presence of lecithin because it improves the structural qualities of hair. Together with other hair care ingredients it keeps hair properly moisturized and helps to restore the natural protective coating of hair. These beneficial effects counteract part of the toll aging takes on hair. Lecithin and unsaturated fats support the regeneration of hair. All these benefits go a long way toward keeping the effects of aging at bay. Learn how to wash your hair with shampoos using egg yolk lecithin to replenish and improve hair deep in the inner shaft. This results in healthy looking supple and shiny hair. Lecithin can drastically improve the appearance of the most damaged hair. Hair care products with lecithin also help in hair straightening procedures, and they prevent fly-away hair.