Brunette woman with long shiny hair
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11 Tips for Luscious, Shiny Hair

A dull shine? You don’t need to put up with that! You want a shine so fierce, people need to wear sunglasses in your presence! Our guide gives you tips on how to make your hair shine. The result: your mane will not only look glossier, but will also feel healthier. Here are 11 tricks for a new shiny look.


Brunette woman with curly shiny hair

With hair this shiny, you'd also be looking this smug!

Sparkle like the star you are! In order to make that dull hair shine again, even small changes in your care routine can help. However, it is good to know that the most important prerequisite for shiny hair is keeping your hair cuticles closed, which results in flat and smooth hair shafts. These reflect light better, giving the hair its shiny appearance as well as making it more manageable. You can promote your hair’s natural shine by using a few simple tricks for extra sheen:

Young brunette girl with very straight and shiny hair

So shiny you can practically see your reflection in it!

  1. Cool down: After washing your hair, rinse your hair with cold water so that it closes the cuticles and leaves a smooth surface. In addition, a cold shower stimulates the scalp’s blood circulation and therefore promotes hair growth.
  2. Combat lime scale: Lime scale from hard tap water can leave deposits on hair fibers and make your locks appear dull. Rinsing your hair with distilled water (available at the pharmacy) or mineral water from the supermarket can help to remove this lime scale.
  3. Pamper with conditioner: Pamper your hair after each wash by using conditioner. This not only provides the extra care required, but also seals the outer cuticle layer that was previously opened by the shampoo. Rinsing with liquid silk or microcrystals additionally strengthens the wow effect.
  4. Repair hair care: The powerful deep action by repair treatments heals damage and provides the ultimate care for shiny hair. For healthy, smooth hair, simply apply once a week. For those who are in a hurry, there are extra-quick treatments where you can see the amazing effect after just one minute.
  5. Color care: Is your hair tinted or colored? Then it makes sense to opt for products with UV filters that protect against fading and help to maintain color intensity. The rich formulas also moisturize the hair and create a beautiful shimmering look.
  6. Brush away: Brushing daily helps to distribute the sebum from the scalp throughout your hair where it serves as a protective shield and gives it additional shine. Choose a brush model with natural bristles that is softer on your head, skin, and hair.
  7.  Go for gloss: Products with added gloss give your hair a first-class shimmer and work like repair treatments. You can either refine your natural hair color with shine pigments of your choice or refresh an existing color with a glossy finish.
  8. Oil production: For a shiny finish, simply apply some hair oil throughout the length of your hair right to the ends. The oil will immediately soak into the hair, nourish it, and give irresistible suppleness – without any greasy residue.
  9. Shine from the can: Spray some hair spray on a brush and comb it through your hair. This ensures that it’s evenly distributed throughout the hair and gives it a beautiful shine all over.
  10. Going in the right direction: How you blow-dry your hair is also very important. Get shiny hair by allowing the air to glide from the roots to the ends. By drying in the direction of growth, this ensures that the hair surface remains smooth. Shine booster: To finish off, set the hairdryer on the cold air setting
  11. Voluminous locks: Use a round brush when blow-drying. This not only helps straighten your hair, but also gives your mane some extra volume. The extra movement as you swish it from side to side creates vibrant, naturally shiny hair.