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How to Get Healthy Hair

People may agonize over what haircut to get or how to style their hair, but the number one way to be certain you look gorgeous and glowing every day is by ensuring you have luscious, healthy hair. There are a number of different factors that can affect the health of our hair: your diet, care routine, and the kinds of products you use all play a crucial role. Here we will talk you through some of the best healthy hair tips we know so that you can enjoy vibrantly shiny and glowing hair every day.

It all starts with healthy hair care

Healthy hair looks amazing

Get incredible looking healthy hair

Achieving the healthy hair of your dreams all begins with the basic steps you take to care and protect it. What many people overlook is that this doesn’t just mean using the right products, but also using appropriate styling techniques and living a healthy lifestyle too.


Scalp care

As our hair grows from our scalps, maintaining excellent scalp care is essential to comprehensive healthy hair care. All too often, the use of inappropriate products and skin neglect can lead to dry and itchy scalps, which in turn lead to dandruff. An excellent solution to this is to always gently massage the scalp while in the shower. Not only does this have an incredibly relaxing effect on your mood, but it can also stimulate the blood flow and thereby encourage healthy hair growth.


Cuticle strength

One of the most important aspects of healthy hair care is the preservation of your hair’s outer cuticle layer. When the cuticle cells lie flat, your hair is more robust and shines brightly. To help ensure this, always remember to dry your hair gently rather than rubbing it forcefully. Also try to use a wide-toothed comb to remove tangles rather than a densely bristled brush; these should only be used once tangles are gone.


Regular trims

Of all the healthy hair tips we have, this one might just be the most important. On average, our hair grows around half an inch per month. This means that you not only require regular trips to the salon in order to maintain your hair length but in order to maintain glowing and smooth healthy hair. Heat treatments, coloring and general wear and tear can all cause split ends and breakage, and once this has happened only getting these cut off is going to help.

Choosing the right healthy hair products

Use the best healthy hair products

Keep your hair healthy and feel great

It is important to use treatments that will offer the greatest benefits for your particular hair texture. These types of healthy hair products might include color protection creams, moisture serums, or UV lotions. Be sure to also consider that your hair may change with time, as well as hair styling habits. This will inevitably mean that a healthy hair care routine should also be adapted. Remember: if you are not sure about the right care to maintain your hair health, you may want to consult with your hairdresser and ask them for a scalp and hair analysis.

Hair treatments

Regularly treat your hair to a leave in conditioner treatment. This extra care revives your locks by providing vital ingredients, such as plant oils, hydrating boosters and proteins, to ensure you can enjoy healthy hair. Deep conditioning treatments reduce the occurrence of split ends and restore hair to a shiny and supple state. Consider using a treatment once a week for best results.


UV protection

Much as skin lotions with anti-UV agents protect the skin from sunburn, so too does the hair need to be protected from sun and heat exposure. Sun dries hair out and can affect color so always take adequate precautions if you will be outside for long periods. Be sure to wear a cap or hat whenever possible and during summer consider using products for healthy hair and scalp that state their SPF factor on the bottle.


Heat protectant

Few things are as damaging for hair as regular heat styling. Whether it’s hot blow drying or excessive use of your straightener or the curling wand, remember that heat dries hair out and leaves it vulnerable to breakage. To ensure you retain truly healthy hair, try to turn the heat down wherever possible or use heat protectant for hair before starting.