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Hair Nutrition: What Do You Need To Know?

We all want beautifully thick, glossy hair that shines like in a shampoo commercial. However, just hoping for it isn’t nearly enough! The secret to radiantly gorgeous locks is good hair nutrition, including a balanced diet of protein, vitamins and minerals, as well as the way you care for and treat your hair. March is National Nutrition Month, meaning it’s a great time to assess the state of your own hair. Many of us use fancy facial moisturizers, creams and serums daily, but don’t treat our hair with the same care! Below, we’ll share how to maintain a gorgeous head of hair, with tips for boosting length, and scalp care advice, too.


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Saltwater and chlorine are not your hair's friends

Protect your hair during summer and while swimming

UVA and UVB rays are just as harmful to your hair as they are to your skin. Repeated sun exposure will leave your hair damaged and dry, while also fading any dye you may have. Make sure you are using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner throughout the summer to protect against ultraviolet rays and ensure good hair nutrition. Similarly, saltwater and chlorine can wreak havoc on hair, causing dryness, split ends, and stripping color.

Be conscious of how tightly you style your hair

Styles that pull too tightly on your scalp can lead to hair breakage and damage. Instead, select loose braids, ponytails, and bun hairstyles using thicker elastics that are gentler on your hair. It’s important to alternate the way you put your hair up so you're not always stressing the same strands.


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Your hair follicles need care too!

Hair nutrition begins at your scalp

Your hair follicles are a millimeter under your scalp, but most of us never think of attending to them. You can help by applying a weekly hair mask to exfoliate, moisturize, and help minimize flaking while soothing the scalp. If you have color-treated hair, use a shampoo that helps lock the color in, and for more damaged hair, find a nourishing shampoo for dry hair, with ingredients like Aloe Vera or almonds, for example.

Be smart when heat styling

Although it makes your hair look smooth and sleek, heat styling can lead to frizz and heavy-duty breakage. It’s worth it to invest in professional tools that offer different heat settings and, in the case of flat irons and curling wands, display the temperature. Hair dryers should have a diffuser to help distribute heat more evenly. Learn how to blow dry hair correctly without damaging it. A great hair nutrition tip is to arm your strands with a heat protection spray before using heat styling tools.

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Pamper your hair with Schwarzkopf

Choose this month to make your hair nutrition a priority

Eat a balanced diet full of nutrient-rich foods, and take care of your hair the way you do your skin. Protect it from nature’s harmful elements, and use your favorite Schwarzkopf products to counteract the stresses you put on it daily.