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Long Hair Care: Tips and Tricks

Long hair needs more attention and deserves it too. By the time a strand of hair has reached shoulder-length it has already managed to survive for at least three years. That means your hair has kept growing through at least 300 shampoos and drying procedures.


From the scalp to the ends, hair becomes increasingly more prone to damage, which is why long hairstyles especially need extra care – nobody wants split ends, after all. Long hair care doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive, however, and your healthy long hair will thank you.

How to keep long hair healthy

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Long hair care doesn't have to be tedious if you follow these simple tips

Ever wondered how girls with hair down to their waists keep in it tip top shape? Wonder no more! Here are some tips for how to care for long hair:


A silk or satin pillowcase

A silk or satin pillowcase is a great investment for your locks. The material’s natural properties mean that it’s gentler on your hair, helps prevent split ends and reduces friction, so you’ll find fewer knots and tangles the next morning. Bed head hair will be a thing of the past.


Handle with care

Yanking back your hair and securing it with a hair tie isn’t exactly being kind to your locks. Try using softer hair ties such as scrunchies and whatever you do – never use a household rubber band. Also remember to remove the hair tie with care – don’t just pull on it as you might find you pull out several hair strands along with it. Another tip is to let your hair down more often – literally.


Treatment overload

There are many products nowadays that claim to strengthen your hair and nourish it with vitamins. When it comes to hair care, however, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Using too many of these products can be counter-intuitive and can actually lead to hair breakage because the build-up of protein in the hair simply becomes too much. Limit the use of these products for healthy long hair.


Heat damage

Allow your hair to air-dry as often as possible, but don’t rub it if you’re toweling it dry. Instead, press a towel against the top of your hair and push it slowly toward the tips of your hair. This absorbs the water and maintains a smooth cuticle layer.

If you do have to use a hairdryer, select the cold setting. If you really can’t live without the hotter setting, keep the dryer at least 6 inches away from your scalp.


Water sensitivity

Wet hair is especially sensitive to “mistreatment” so it’s not recommended to tie it up when it’s still wet. Plus loose hair dries faster anyway. Another faux pas is to comb or brush your hair while it’s damp as this leads to hair breakage. The best way to get rid of tangles is to comb your hair before washing it, while your locks are still dry.


Chemical hazards

You might have realized when you go swimming that chlorine dries out your hair…or salt if you’re in the ocean. Don’t just accept this as your hair’s fate when you can do something about it. Coat your hair with leave-in conditioner containing a UV shield so that you create a physical barrier between your hair and the water, so the moisture stays put. If you want to recreate that sun kissed beach look without the damage, try göt2b® Beach Trippin Salt Spray for natural waves.