About GLISS®

True hair repair is a science, not a secret. Schwarzkopf is proud to bring you GLISS® Hair Repair products, giving you the power to achieve beautiful, healthier-looking hair!  


Featuring an award-winning combination of Keratin and essential hair benefits, GLISS® products eliminate hair drama. It’s not a coincidence the brand is available in more than 50 countries, and has been trusted by millions for over 60 years. Now, this remarkable haircare innovation is available in the United States.


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Patented Keratin Technology

When it comes to repair, what’s on the inside of your hair is just as important as what’s on the outside. Featuring patented technology modeled after human hair, GLISS® products help repair dry hair and split ends at a cellular level with Hair-Identical Keratin.


Repairing deep damage requires serious science. Leveraging patented technology, GLISS® products are formulated to penetrate up to 10 layers of your hair fiber and refill lost Keratin. The technology detects even the most minute damage, precisely adjusting to reinforce and fill weakness and damage. The result is the beautifully strong and smooth hair you desire. 

How Hair Damage Happens

Hair damage happens to everyone and it’s hard to avoid. 


The outer-most layer of your hair has several, delicate layers of cuticle scales made of protein and Keratin. Hair damage happens when the Keratin in the cuticle fades over time, but other factors just speed the process along.


Heat styling and chemical treatments like hair coloration are certainly damaging, but even brushing and combing your hair can hurt it. When you factor in environmental factors like the sun, salt water, and chlorine… your hair might need something extra. GLISS® formulas achieve the results you want including color protection, intense hydration, long-lasting volume, and weightless nourishment.


With GLISS® products, get the repair you need without compromising! That carefree, confident feeling? That’s the bliss of GLISS®! 

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New GLISS® Hair Repair™ Fiber Therapy

Reconstructs bridges in the hair fibers and seals the hair. More >

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GLISS® Hair Repair™ Oil Nutritive

Made for hair that needs nourishment. More >

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GLISS® Hair Repair™ Color Guard

Developed for colored or highlighted hair. More >

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GLISS® Hair Repair™ Ultra Moisture

Developed for dry hair that needs restoration. More >

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GLISS® Hair Repair™ Ultimate Repair

Restores lost Keratin to heavily damaged hair. More >

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GLISS® Hair Repair™ Extra Volume

Lifts hair at the root for a natural, voluminous bounce. More >