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Festive New Year’s Eve Hairstyles

Do you want to say goodbye to the old year in the company of a few friends, attend a gala event or rather join a wild party? Whatever tickles your fancy, a great New Year’s hairstyle will add style, pizzazz or elegance to your night. Of course, hairstyles for NYE should be simple and last through the long night between the years. Here’s a few hairstyles, which should not be overlooked.

"3, 2, 1: Happy New Year!" There are a few days left to contemplate the outfit and the NYE hairstyle for the party. What shall I wear? What will I do with my hair? Finding answers to these questions will become more urgent as the calendar gets thinner. Do you want to be the talk of the town or rather show off your creative streak? Would you like to give simple elegance a go? We help you make your best decision.  

New Year's Eve parties are yet another opportunity to re-invent your style. Out with the old, in with the new! Now is the time to leave all troubles behind and start afresh. Allow your hair styling to express this spirit and forget about being cautious. Have a look at our photos and jump right to styling your own New Year’s Eve hair. There is still time to have more fun in the old year.

Elegant NYE Hairstyles: Simplicity Works!

An elegant hairstyle for the New Year's party does not have to be complicated. Australian actress Isabel Lucas (see the photo above) makes the case for simple hairstyles. She completely does away with frills and does not spend hours in front of the mirror. A short haircut only requires a little gel to comb it straight back for a modern look. The Alice band in her hair is made of black velvet. It is a rich and stylish element, which enhances the simple elegance. The makeup also draws all the attention to her face. It is more elaborate than the hairstyle. Her smoky eyes have all the attention. The look is perfect for a New Year's Eve party.

See if you can find your perfect hairstyle for New Year’s Eve in our photo gallery.

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