Model with ponytail and stretch comb hairband
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Top Headband Hairstyles

Headbands of all kinds were a popular hair accompaniement in the 1990s. And because the good trends always come back around, they are back in style now with fierce success. We discovered these flexible headband hairstyles on the industry’s best catwalks and show you how to wear this practical hair accessory.

Headband hairstyles with no frills and no fuss

The 90’s were a fantastic era of headband hairstyles for short hair, and headband styles for long hair alike – to put it simply, headbands were everywhere! The stretch comb headband was really popular with women and men alike; enthusiasts would sport headband hairstyles at home, at work, at the gym and even with evening wear. For a few years, the practical accessory had a place in almost every woman’s arsenal of hair accessories. Now, after about two decades, hairband hairstyles are back in vogue, and in particular stretch comb headbands.

Hairstyles with headbands are fashionable, practical and sophisticated

While some consider headband hairstyles a fashion abomination, others love to wear the trendy accessory. As always, beauty and taste are in the eye of the beholder; like them or hate them, for the time being, flexible headbands are here to stay.

Fashionable: Models on catwalks have been seen wearing various headband hairstyles. This trend may be based on the fact that both long and short hairstyles with these headbands look incredibly chic and put together, with minimal effort. The flexible bands hold long, beach waves out of the face and keep flyaway strands of hair safely tucked into neat, polished ponytails. Hairband hairstyles are an “it” fashion accessory because they are versatile, allowing you to achieve an almost endless combination of looks.


Practical: Traditional short hairstyles with headbands and hair band styles for long hair all work incredibly well with a stretch comb headband. The flexible band can be used as part of many different hairstyles for various hair types; straight or curly, short or long, the hairstyles that you can create with these combs are limitless. A headband hairstyle perfectly complements open styles, loosely gathered updos or sophisticated ponytails alike. They make styling quick and easy, and very effectively and conveniently keep hair out of the face.


Sophisticated: Models use the stretchy headbands to create sophisticated headband hairstyles. Because they bands are not excessively visible, the hairstyles created with them can easily look chic and polished. The front hair can be pushed back, while the hair in the back of the headband may be styled in all possible ways, e.g. as a ponytail, beach waves, braids or chignons. There is really no limit to your creativity when you are trying out headband hairstyles.

The stretchy headband is back and we’re glad!

Stretch Comb Headbands

The practical stretch comb headbands made quite a splash in the Helmut Lang fashion show, where the models used the flexible bands to sleek back their hair into ponytails and other sophisticated looks. What was old is new again with a minor twist. Current hairstyles with these headbands are sporting the band pushed back a bit further than what was common in the 1990s styles, creating a rather striking contemporary look for this hairband hairstyle fashion trend.


Left: As stretch comb headbands are pushed back in the hair, they create a distinct line that makes the hair look neat and in place, which is particularly obvious in light hair.