Beautiful half up half down hairstyles
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Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyle: Effortless But Gorgeous

Ever had those days where you just don’t know how to style your hair? This is where easy half-up hairstyles come into play and are absolutely perfect for anyone who’s feeling indecisive! This particular hairstyle is more or less what the name suggests: tie up the top half of your hair into a topknot or ponytail, while the lower half can cascade down your back or be swept to the side. This is an underrated hairstyle and bound to be a favorite for anyone who wants a great look in a hurry!

Types of half-up hairstyles to try out

Hal up half down hairstyle with braids

Half up half down hairstyles look great with hair accessories and braids

Everyone from Ariana Grande to Emilia Clarke to Kate Middleton has been rocking the half updo to great effect, but you don’t need a team of stylists to work wonders on your hair! The hairstyle suits many different skin tones and face shapes and works well with mid-length to long hair, although can also be tried with shorter locks too. Endlessly practical, the partial updo is often used for wedding hairstyles because the hair can be kept out of the face while the back still looks great. Half-up half-down hair can be used for formal or casual events alike, from a first date to a job interview or even just hanging out in a park with friends on a summer’s day.


There are many different half-up hairstyles to try out for yourself, including:


  • Vintage half-up
  • Half-up braided crown
  • Cascading half updo
  • Half French braid
  • Half-up fishtail braid
  • Three simple twists
  • Waterfall braid
  • Rosette half-up

Achieving the half-up half-down hairstyle

Intricate half up half down hairstyle

Half up half down hairstyles can be sleek and chic or messy and fun

For this look, you’ll need a bit of a patience - around five minutes - some hairspray, bobby pins, and hair ties. For the most basic half-up hairstyles, you simply need to pull back your hair from just above your ears and hold it in place at the back of your head. From there, you then have the option of tying it into a topknot, ponytail, or even a fishtail braid. Make sure the top half is secured in place with a hair tie and bobby pins around the sides. If you need higher hold, try a good spritz of göt2b Volumaniac hairspray to instantly lock-in the shape. After that, you can either smooth the untied section of your hair, curl it, or backcomb some sections to create a more voluminous effect. The finished half updo will look effortlessly chic and will no doubt be one of your permanent summer hairstyles for any time you need to run out of the door in a rush!