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White Hairstyles That Will Make You Feel Great

There is no telling when you might start discovering those first gray hairs; for the most part it is determined by genetics. The genes inside our cells program the timing of the different aging processes and thus how fast the pigments disappear from our hair. Once the color change begins, it is entirely your choice what you want to do. Some women choose to use coloring methods to disguise the change and others choose to embrace certain styles and haircuts for white hair to proudly show it off. Here we explore a few of those top white hairstyles you can opt for, as well as offering tips on the kind of care hair needs as we age.

Hair Care and Hairstyles for White Hair

Hairstyles for white hair

Look and feel great with a stylish white hairstyle.

As we age it’s important to realize our hair’s needs change. Now is the time to pamper your hair with the best and smartest of ingredients: whichever hairstyle for white hair you choose to wear, you will always be sure it looks in excellent health. Around the middle of our lives, hair starts to need more care. Therefore, doing some groundwork is in order before the styling can begin. The key phrase is 'care and more care.'


With age, the hormone metabolism changes and cells are slower to turn over and grow. The hair gets thinner and dries out much easier. Consequently, many women opt for short white hairstyles in order to accommodate the weaker strands. Growth-stimulating active ingredients in conditioning rinses and hair treatments can help to stall this process, but unfortunately nature will ultimately run its course.

White Hairstyles: Spoilt for Color Choices

Hair turns white because the natural pigments are no longer there. With the loss of the pigments, most of the UV protection also disappears. As a result, you should try to use care products which provide UV protection to protect both your scalp and white haircut. Locking in moisture will help to reduce the frizziness that can come with thin white hair hairstyles: skipping the shampoo every now and then will help this, and you can use a dry shampoo instead to help deal with excess oils and dirt.

Coloring is an option for women who aren’t yet ready to embrace a completely white hairstyle. In general, softer colors work best on us as we age and trying to keep the tone as close to what your natural color was will ensure it doesn’t look too drastic or jarring. If you need help with hair color ideas or are nervous about the change, always consult with a professional at the salon first.

White hairstyles for Mature Women

Haircut for white hair

There are many fantastic white hairstyles.

As a general rule, maintaining a good hairstyle for white hair requires a certain type of cut and regular trims. Visiting the salon at least once every eight weeks is therefore recommended. Short hairstyles for white hair require little upkeep and tend to be most flattering. For instance, a softly layered bob works very well for thin white hair and also helps to soften the face. Bangs are also very flattering with white haircuts as they frame the face well and can help make it look more full and youthful. Wear it side swept or gently curled under with a rounded brush for a soft and pretty effect.

If you prefer longer hairstyles for white hair, it’s important to try and create extra volume by using certain styling techniques. For instance, blow-drying while hanging your head upside down before styling your hair as usual. Using high-quality styling products also becomes more important: use a light but powerful volumizing product, such as göt2b Powder’ful to keep your hair looking thick and full without weighing it down. Blunt cuts are not recommended as they can be harsh on thinner faces, so try to always keep your white haircuts softer and layered.