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Temporary Pink Hair Dye Adds Wow Factor

Looking to try something new with your hair that is high impact and guaranteed to make heads turn? An ultra short haircut could work, but what if you don’t like it after it’s done? This is where temporary pink hair dye can help. Everyone knows how on-trend rainbow and bright colors are at the moment, so why not experiment with a shocking shade of pink, safe in the knowledge that it will wash out soon after?

Expand your horizons with semi-permanent pink hair dye

Temporary pink hair dye

Achieve the look of your dreams with temporary pink hair dye

Using pink semi-permanent hair color means that you can experiment with your look carefree. Depending on the type of dye you are using, the color could last from a single wash to a few weeks long. So, no matter whether you want a jaw-dropping look for a one-night party or event, or are thinking about getting on board with the latest mermaid hair trend, using wash out pink hair dye is the best way to get started.

How to use temporary pink hair dye

First of all, it’s important to note that the shade of pink you are trying to achieve will determine the steps you need to take. For instance, people with naturally light colored hair will be able to use semi-permanent pink hair dye with the most noticeable effect, while darker hair is better suited to deeper, jewel tones. If you are aiming for true pastel hair then almost everyone will need to bleach it first before adding any kind of pink temporary hair color on top.


Applying semi-permanent pink hair dye:


Once you have found the perfect shade of pink that you want to use, follow these steps to ensure perfect application with no nasty surprises:


  1. Wash your hair thoroughly using a clarifying shampoo to ensure the removal of all dirt and product buildup that might block the color from fixing onto the hair strands.
  2. Apply petroleum jelly to the skin around your hairline and wear gloves to protect against the color irritating your skin during application.
  3. Use dark towels to cover your skin and clothing while applying the dye, and equally use a dark towel on your hair after washing and a dark-colored pillowcase until you are sure there is no loose color left.

Caring for temporary pink hair

Looking after temporary pink hair

Even temporary hair colors need special care

While your new pink look might only be temporary, that doesn’t mean you should simply ignore all colored hair tips. In order to enjoy the best of any new dye job, but especially for a color as dramatic as pink, it’s important to at least take a few precautions to ensure your hair looks as beautiful and healthy as possible.


Wash out pink hair dye, as the name might suggest, is susceptible to fading easily or changing tone very quickly after too much exposure to water and the harsh chemicals in shampoo. Consequently, for long-lasting results, try to use a shower cap when showering so as to minimize its exposure to moisture and use lukewarm water when you do wash it. What’s more, try to use products specially tailored to the needs of colored hair.