Find the best hair brush for you
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Finding the Best Hair Brush for Your Hair

All brushes are not created equal. Using the correct and best hair brush for your hair type is essential for maintaining a healthy mane, while using the wrong brush can actually end up doing more harm than good. But, with so many brushes on the market, picking the one that’s right for you can feel a bit overwhelming. Your hair’s texture, length and thickness all factor in, as do your hair goals. Luckily for you, Schwarzkopf is here to help. We’ll go over the best hair brush features and how they affect styling, making it a cinch to choose the right one!

Choosing the right bristles

Find the best brush for you

Find the right brush for your hair type

A brush’s bristle type is one of the most important factors in determining whether a brush will help nurture your hair or just lead to damaged hair. Generally, brushes use either natural or synthetic bristles, or a combination of both.


Bristle types: Natural or Synthetic

Natural boar bristles are all the rage nowadays, and with good reason. They are super gentle, making them the best hair brush to prevent breakage, especially if you have fine hair. They also boost your hair’s shine, as they help distribute oils from your roots to your ends, naturally moisturizing your locks.


Alternatively, brushes with synthetic heat-resistant nylon bristles provide more detangling action while stimulating your scalp. If you have hair that tends to get stubborn knots then a nylon style with wide-spaced bristles is the way to go and consequently often proves the best hair brush for thick hair. For most hair types, a mixed brush provides the best of both worlds, adding shine while also detangling.


Bristle spacing

Brushes with wide-spaced bristles are the best hair brushes for curly hair, as they detangle gently without breaking up the curls. Detangling brushes currently on the market have bristles that are specially designed to glide through even thick curls with ease—and without breakage (even when wet). They’re also great for applying and distributing a leave-in conditioner like Gliss Express Repair Conditioner, which will keep your curls moisturized all day long.

Best hair brush for long hair: Round barrel brushes

Best hair brush for long hair

Long hair requires different things from a brush to curly hair

Barrel brushes are great for at-home blowouts and achieving that salon-style look. The longer your hair, the larger the barrel should be. Models with barrel sizes of at least 53 mm are the best hair brushes for long hair, as they maximize volume.


Used while blow-drying, brushes with ceramic barrels heat up and almost turn into curling irons, dramatically reducing your drying time. The smaller the barrel in this case, the tighter the curls you’ll achieve.


One word of caution: stay away from metal barrel brushes if you have damaged, fine or thinning hair. Those with thicker, very straight hair can achieve lots of volume from using this brush while blow-drying, but make sure you apply a heat protection protect to your hair first, and to always keep the brush moving.

Achieving a smooth finish with classic paddle brushes

To reduce static and frizz, especially during winter, turn to paddle brushes. Those with long, straight hair will especially benefit from their smoothing features and the massaging effects of its cushioned pad.


Some paddle brushes even feature rubber pads with ultimate de-frizzing properties, making them among the best hair brushes for styling hairstyles for curly hair.