Care Tips & Shampoo for Thinning Hair


All too often we see images of men and women with gorgeous full heads of tumbling shiny locks. This, however, is a beauty standard that simply isn’t attainable for everyone. The thickness or thinness of our hair is determined at birth and there is very little we can do to change it. There are a few ways we can shower our hair with love and help it to look fuller using styling techniques and certain products for thinning hair. Here we will take a look at some of the top tips and tricks to help with cutting, styling and caring for thinning hair.

Thin hair? No problem

Use shampoo for thinning hair

Thin hair can be easily treated.

Although you might think that people with naturally thick hair have won the genetic lottery, that simply isn’t the case. There are so many amazing attributes that come with thin and thinning hair that it’s important to not lose sight of them. To name just a few, fine hair:

  • ...dries faster
  • naturally more supple
  • easier to care for
  • light and more comfortable to wear
  • ideal for short haircuts
  • ..does not require extra prep before styling (for instance with braids)
Doesn’t sound so bad, right? What’s more, with the right shampoo for thinning hair and a few easy styling tricks, you can plump up the look for something that is still able to scream volume.

Picking the right cut for thin hair

Before turning your attention and investing money in all the right care products and shampoo for thinning hair, you may want to start with a trip to the hair salon. Currently a leading hairstyle trend, a blunt bob is perfect for delicate hair textures. To achieve this style, the hair is cut straight across and bluntly to one length. This makes the finely tapering ends appear thicker and the hair looks fuller overall.

When it comes to length, try to opt for somewhere around shoulder length. Medium length hairstyles are not only super hip but also add extra buoyancy to your hair; the added weight of longer hair can cause it to fall down heavily and look flat. Combined with a thickening shampoo, the right length of hair and some artfully cut-in supportive layers will have your locks looking fresher and fuller in no time.

Stand out color

Certain coloring techniques can also be used on thin hair to help create a sense of added fullness. With blonde balayage, for instance, light and dark color accents are brushed freehand onto the hair, with the contrasts simulating added depth and making the hair appear thicker. Be aware that if you do opt for a color treatment, you will not only want to then use a hair thickening shampoo but also a restorative conditioning treatment after to help lock in moisture and protect the hair color and strand strength.

The different products for thinning hair

Hair thickening shampoo

Hair thickening shampoo can boost your look.

Contrary to popular belief, thin and thinning hair doesn’t require extra care, it simply needs the right care. Sensitivity is the name of the game: when it comes to picking a shampoo for thinning hair, opt for products that dissolve readily in water and are therefore easy to wash out. Although it may seem like a thicker product will have a thickening effect, this is not the case. Heavy solutions will ultimately weigh down fine hair and make it look dull and lackluster. Any good shampoo for fine hair should cleanse gently while helping to stimulate hair growth.

A dedicated volumizing shampoo is somewhat different. The polymers this contains surround each individual hair and cling to it, which has the effect of artificially thickening it. Additionally, some of the best volume shampoos contain collagen complexes. These are a good choice as they boost your hair right at the hairline for added fullness.

Looking beyond shampoo for fine hair: Styling

Volume shampoo is not your only ally when it comes to boosting fine hair. Coupled with some expert styling tricks you will be able to add extra height and bounce into your hair in no time.

Make a texturizing mousse like göt2b’s Volumaniac bodifying mousse your best styling friend. This soft hair styling helper achieves outstanding results without weighing you down. It makes the hair fuller with added grip and more volume. The styling lasts longer as well. Here’s how to use it to best effect:

  • After cleansing with hair thickening shampoo, knead some mousse into towel-dried hair
  • Blow dry hair on low heat with a round brush
  • Tease the hair gently at the crown (combing against the direction of growth) for added volume – this offers excellent support for updos and ponytails


Alternatively, if you are in a rush then skip the thickening shampoo and instead simply apply volumizing powder at the hairline to see the push-up effect right away! göt2b Powder’ful works just like a dry shampoo while delivering incredible lift right from the roots!

Blowout hair after volume shampoo

Volume shampoo looks great

Use a blow dryer to boost volume.

If you want to ensure you have the biggest and best in volume even after washing with a shampoo for thinning hair, make sure to use this blow drying technique.

  • Instead of blow drying upside down, tilt your head to the side and blow warm air towards the hairline. This adds fullness which also lasts longer.
  • Vary the parting position every now and then to give your hair some variety. This straightens up the hair roots, which tend to lie flat after some time, so nothing stands in the way of a strong appearance!
  • Don’t use your blow dryer on full heat as this will burn and weaken thin hair; use a cool setting and don’t hold the head too close to your roots.
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