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Modern Hairstyles for Men

Modern Hairstyles for Men
Big and wild quiffs are as popular today as they were in James Dean’s times
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Fashions come and go and suddenly, they are back again. This includes hairstyle fashions. We have compiled currently popular hairstyles for men and show how to create them.

  • Gallery: Hairstyles of Modern Men

    Modern Hairstyles for Men: The Quiff

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    Hairstyles of Modern Men: The Rockabilly Quiff

    The Hairstyle: Old folks remember the hairstyle from the 1950s with long hair on the crown of the head and short side hair. The long top hair is styled upward to a fluffy mass of hair. In the old world, this is called a ‘pompadour’ or ‘the pomp’ for short. US Americans and modern men are more likely to call it a quiff.

    Styling Tip: Use a blow dryer to make the longer hair on top of the head stand as tall as possible. Hair wax allows for flexible styling. Finally, apply hairspray to keep the hair standing up

    Modern Hairstyles for Men: The Quiff

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    Hairstyles of Modern Men: The Casual Quiff

    The Hairstyle: The top hair is still styled upward to a quiff but the quiff falls naturally in a casual way. This hairstyle and a beard combine to a distinctively manly style.

    Styling Tip: Apply hair wax and style your hair using your fingers

    Modern Hairstyles for Men: The Modern Crew Cut

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    Hairstyles of Today’s Men: The Modern Crew Cut

    The Hairstyle: The side hair is cut razor-short but not shaven. The hair on top of the head is longer. The actual length may vary. This crew cut looks almost like an undercut. It is popular since the 1980s.

    Styling Tip: This haircut allows it to style the top hair either upward to a quiff, toward the back or sideways. With sideways combed top hair the hairstyle is particularly suitable for conservative settings like an office. Use a small amount of hair wax to add attractive lustre to your hair

    Modern Hairstyles for Men: Gelled Hair

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    Hairstyles of Modern Men: Gelled Hair and Side Parting

    The Hairstyle: The side hair is short and layered. The top hair is longer than the side hair. Apply gel or hair wax before you create a straight side parting and comb your hair back. This hairstyle is the perfect choice for an elegant gentleman who wears suit and tie. Still, this hairstyle also fits today’s more relaxed jeans and T-shirt crowd.

    Styling Tip: Apply hair gel for shine and hold. You may like to use dry shampoo to avoid a greasy appearance

    Modern Hairstyles for Men: Gelled Hair

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    Hairstyles of Modern Men: The Fashion-Forward but Hip Man

    The hairstyle: This style would fit both modern gentlemen and explorers. The waxed hair is accurately parted on one side. The hippie beard contrasts dramatically with the conventional hairstyle. This creates the impression of a strong, all-weather man who would find his way both in the wilderness and in the office.

    Styling Tip: Apply hair gel or extra-gloss hair wax to create this hairstyle. The untrimmed beard also looks good in the matte style

    Modern Hairstyles for Men: Long Hair

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    Hairstyles of Modern Men: Casually Styled Long Hair

    The Hairstyle: Shoulder-length hair is parted in the middle and allowed to fall naturally. This is a rather young-looking style, which may not be compatible with beards.

    Styling Tip: Shampoo your hair and create a short middle parting. Use your hands to shape the hair and allow it to air-dry. You may want to work a little matte hair wax through you hair or use it to accentuate a few hair strands

  • Today’s hairstyles may be considered ‘retro’ rather than modern. The contradiction in terms can be easily explained. What was old is new again. New, trendy, modern, whatever you call it, guys align with their peers for their hairstyle choices. The quiffs of the 1950s and 1960s, the undercuts of the 1980s and the laissez-faire hairstyles of the 1990s do not seem quite so ancient but who can really tell.

  • Modern Men Embrace Retro-Hairstyles

    Societies seem to re-invent the best of men’s hair fashions over and again. Of course, what hairstyles are best is in the eyes of the beholders. Today’s fashion-forward guy looks to the past for inspiration. Modern versions of yesteryear’s classic hairstyles are all the rage today.

  • Modern Guys and the Trendsetters of Old

    Yesteryear’s stars and trendsetters would not stand out in a group of fashion-forward modern men. They would hardly look outdated in today’s fashion magazines and would blend in everywhere with the stylish men of the 21st-century.

    We explain how to select the right haircut and develop a hand for creating striking hairstyles, which show your sense of style and keep you up-to-date.