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Hair Styling
  • Hair and the Lunar Calendar

    Cut, Color and Condition According to the Lunar Calendar

    Are you curious about the connection between the lunar calendar and hair care? For you we found out how the moon phases are believed to influence hair health and styling. Learn how to use the lunar calendar to pinpoint the best times for cutting, coloring, and conditioning your hair

    Hair Styling According to Schedule
  • Silicone-free Hair Care Products

    Hair Care with or without Silicone?

    Whether a hair care product with silicone is appropriate for you depends on the type of hair you have and what type of hair you would like to have. Learn how to turn thick brittle hair into smooth, shiny hair and how you can give fine hair more volume and hold

    About Silicone in Hair Care Products
  • Hair Styling on the Go

    Hair Styling on the Go

    Wherever your adventurous spirit takes you, wherever you have to travel on business and how long it takes to get there, your hair should be well-groomed and not too much trouble. We show how to achieve optimal effects with a minimum of styling.

    Great Travel Hairstyles for Trips
  • Hairdos under the Hat

    Hairdos under the Hat

    What types of hairstyles fit best underneath your cap depends on whether you wear a beret, a trapper cap, a herringbone cap or a beanie. You may also like to try some of our styling tips before you sport your newest hat.

    Styling Tips for Hat Wearers
  • Hairspray and Hair Lacquer

    Hairspray and Hair Lacquer

    Hairsprays guarantee the survival of intricate updos and artistic hair creations. They are invaluable when your hairstyle calls for more volume, they masterfully keep stylish hair elements in place and provide sensational luster. We help you find the right hairspray and use it to your best advantage

    How to Use Hairspray
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