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  • Curlers

    The Proper Use of Curlers

    Among the many methods of creating curls, using curlers is the traditional and most effective one. Rolling hair onto curlers is easier than many women think. We explain when and how to style your hair using curlers

    Rolling up Your Hair for Perfect Curls
  • Curls

    Wearing Curls Well

    Whether your curls are large or small, perfectly styled or undone, they give your hairstyle lively swing and add an effervescent feminine note to your appearance. We hope the curly tops in our hairstyle gallery will inspire you! Our video shows how to create naturally looking curls without using a curling iron or other gadgets

    The Long and Short of Curly Tops
  • Style Consultation for Women with Curly Hair

    Style Consultation for Curly Tops

    We often associate curls with femininity and carefree joy. Yet, styling curls is not always as carefree as that image implies. The right curly hair style should fit your type and hair styling habits and of course, appeal to others. Below, we present curly top examples for your inspiration

    Styling Curls for Extra Appeal
  • The New Gentle Perms

    The Newest on Perms

    Wouldn't it be nice to make an end of the daily struggle with rollers and round brushes? The new types of perms put this convenience within easy reach. We are about to tell you how gentle the new hair shaping methods are and what kind of waves and curls you can create with them

    Permanent Curl Allure
  • Curls

    The Right Turns for Creating Curls

    The proper care is not enough for creating beautiful curls. It also takes the right techniques to give waves and curls the right bounce. For your permed hair or corkscrew curls we present to you the basics of curly hair styles

    How to Create Curly Tops
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