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Looking Great Everyday: Hair Style Trends

Do you like your hair ultra-short or are you into glamorous evening looks? You find the most beautiful haircuts and hair styles right here. We show you all the best styles for short and long hair and let you in on the up and coming trends. Then we will go one better and explain in every detail how to create the new trend looks at home, step by step.

  • Hairstyles with Centre Parting

    Hairstyles with Center Parting

    No two center partings are alike. It’s simply a question of how they are created and how the rest of the hair will be styled. We’ll show you a range of looks, from inexact partings to messy-chic styles to wet looks. We also have one or two variants that you’ve certainly never seen before…

    So, a Center Parting: Styling Is the Key!
  • Hair Jewelry

    Delightful Hair Jewelry

    Summer paints nature in its most brilliant colors and invites us to join the color play with artful fashion and hairstyles. Sparkling or colorful hair accessories and jewelry make it easy to design hairstyles, which are a welcome change in style and a feast for the eyes

    Artful Hair Jewelry
  • 2014 Bridal Hairstyles

    2014 Hairstyles for Brides

    Do you prefer an old fashioned romantic wedding or is your heart set on expressing your modern take on life? You may even bust some standards and make your own extravagant choices. We show how you can make the day even more special by wearing the hairstyle, which he will remember forever

    Bridal Hairstyles to Fit Your Style
  • Layered Haircuts

    Five Reasons to Layer-Cut Hair

    Are you itching to change your image together with your hairstyle? A new layered haircut may provide this updated look. The layering allows your hair to move more freely, and it can be adjusted to give you a unique personal appearance. We name the five most compelling reasons for a layered haircut

    The Timeless Layered Haircut
  • French Plaits

    French Plaits: Instructions and Styles

    The French plait is a classic, which is constantly being reinvented. This favorite style definitely takes a bit of practice, and the result is worth it. We will show, step by step, how to best do it and how varied it can be

    Classic French Plait
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