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Hair Styling
  • Elegant Hairstyles for Men

    Elegantly Groomed Guys

    Do you know how to style your hair for festive events? It can be as simple as stepping up your styling to create more elegance, more luster, and more oomph. You may even decide to add a stylish wave. We show 'gala' hairstyles for guys and provide helpful styling tips

    Stylish Hairstyles for Men
  • Men's Hair Styling

    Rules for Styling Men’s Hair

    Just like women, men no longer leave much or even anything about their hair styles to chance. However, even the styles seen in offices or clubs often cry out for a consultation. The following styling rules keep you on the safe side

    New Hair Styles For Men
  • Men’s Hairstyles with Fringes

    Men’s Hairstyles with Fringes

    You may like to try out whether fringes are suitable for you. If they complement your face they may be a good way to vary your hairstyle. We show a few men’s hairstyles to demonstrate the different kinds, which may be short & straight, long & irregular, cut round or pointy or combine all these options

    Cool Men’s Hairstyles with Fringes
  • Men with Quiffs

    Body plus lots of volume equals lots of attention—this formula works for hair styles with lots of volume, especially quiffs. We will show different looks and give a few styling tips

    Hair Styles With Volume For Men
  • Hairstyles for Men Wearing Hats

    Throughout the entire year, men like to wear hats, berets or baseball caps. We show how to wear the hair underneath the hat or cap

    Well Kept under the Hat
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