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Hair Repair

Endow Your Thin Hair with Strength

Fine hair or hair loss - thin hair lacks mostly volume and strength. With the right strategies you can however get a grip on both problems. We arm you with hair care tips, which will really strengthen thin hair. In case of hair loss, we help you decide whether it is time for a visit to the dermatologist.

  • Strengthen Your Hair!

    Infuse Your Hair with Strength

    Strong hair is a precious asset, which can be yours with the right care and a few tricks. Learn how to have strong healthy hair and how to give your hair an extra power boost

    Renewed Strength for Your Hair
  • Hairstyles for Women with Thinning Hair

    Hairstyles for Thinning Hair

    After searching for the causes of thinning hair or excessive hair loss, finding the most appropriate hairstyle is the next order of business. We have practical styling tips for thinning hair

    Hairstyles and Tips for Thin Hair
  • Caffeine in Hair Products

    A Caffeine Boost for Your Hair

    Caffeine does not only kick people into gear, the psychotropic substance also has an effect on hair roots. Caffeine-containing shampoos not only activate hair growth factors but also stimulate the hair roots. You may be interested in knowing how caffeine influences hair growth and strength

    Caffeine Effects on Hair
  • Volumising Powder

    The Benefits of Volumizing Powder

    Is your hair limb and lifeless? Does your hair slip away when you try to create an updo, twirl or braid it? Is your hair oily close to the roots? Volumizing powder is a potent styling aid and can help alleviate all these conditions. Learn how to use volumizing powder properly and how to take full advantage of it

    Hair Styling with Volumizing Powder
  • Hair Extensions

    More Hair for a Rich Style

    A full head of hair is the dream of everybody with thin or thinning hair. Clip-ins or long-lasting hair extensions bring this dream of full, naturally bouncing hair a step closer. Copious volume and marvelous styles are within reach

    Hair and More Hair
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