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Hair Color

Tips and Tricks for Hairy Problems

What can you do when your hair color has become mottled? How do you quickly fix hair problems such as frizzy or messy hair? Which styling tricks should you use before reaching to the hair spray can? You find the answers in our tips and tricks.

  • Hair Color Touch-up

    Hair Color Touch-Up Made Easy

    When your hair colour has lost its original brilliance it is time for a colour touch-up. New products make this easy, and the results are amazing. We share our experience with hair colour touch-up products and methods so that you can achieve dazzling colour results

    How to Touch up Hair Color
  • Multi-Application Hair Colour

    The New Multi-Application Hair Color

    Hair color improves by leaps and bounds. Now your favorite hair colors are packaged to allow for several applications. Creativity can only be expressed with the right tools at hand. Go ahead! Make your best hair color choices!

    Hair Color at the Touch on the Nozzle
  • Streaks

    Streaks as Hair Color Accents

    Streaks are used as highlights, low lights or block accents. Light or dark streaks are popular because they offer an easy way to freshen up the hair color without a complete color change. Learn how to set the different types of streaks

    Streaks for Many Looks
  • Root Touch-Up

    Root Touch-Up: Seamlessly Beautiful Hair

    Every bit of new hair growth shows up in color-treated hair. The new growth with its natural color creates a clearly visible dividing line between natural and artificial hair color. We show you ways to cleverly deal with this color line next to the hair roots

    Conceal Mismatched Hair Roots
  • Color-Treated Hair

    Rinses for Color-Treated Hair

    Freshly colored hair dazzles with rich deep color. You can keep this magnificent color alive by using a special shampoo for color-treated hair and by adding the right kind of rinse to your routine. Find out here what color conditioners can do for your hair and how they work

    Extra Care for Color-Treated Hair
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