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Brown Hair: Chocolate and Nougat

More and more stars show real brunette rather than false blonde hair. No wonder, brown hair is flattering. We reveal the new color trends for brown hair and let you know what type of care brings a lot of luster to your brown hair. Our color consultation guarantees that you find the shade, which is right for you.

  • Trend Hair Color Brown

    The Trend Hair Color Cool Brown

    Brown hair may appear velvety, soft or rich. "Cool browns" range from light ash brown to cool dark brown. These colors are particularly popular during the cool season

    Cool Brown Shades for Autumn/Winter
  • Trendy Brown Hair

    Sunny to Velvety Brown Hair

    End of February during the Milan Fashion Week, designers introduced the new fashion for the fall/winter season. The hot hair color on Italian catwalks is brown. Brown hair comes in all shades and nuances from sun-bleached to velvety brown

    Trendy Brown Hair
  • Make-Up for Brunettes

    The Perfect Make-Up for Brown Hair

    Brown is an exceptionally expressive hair color but do you know how to match your brown hair with the right make-up? Are darker and deep colors the right choice or should you rather use understated make-up? We show you how brunettes can double their beauty and glamor

    Read on!
  • Coloration for Your Brown Hair

    Color for Your Brown Hair

    A lot can be said in favor of selecting a brown hair color. But which method is the right one for your hair, a tinting rinse, an intensive tinting or just a color treatment?

    Color for Your Brown Hair
  • Caring for Brown Hair

    Brown hair - Tended like never before!

    Whether the brown color is natural or artificial, special care makes brown hair even more beautiful and gives it a dazzling luster. It does not take a lot of effort to care for brown hair and give it more shine and most of all, more intense color effects. Below, we are going to show you how

    Care for Color-Treated Brown Hair
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