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Hair Color
  • Medium Blonde Hair with Light Accents

    Currently, medium blonde hair with lighter blonde accents is in style. The accents may be streaks or the lower part of the hair may be lighter. The combination of caramel and blonde hair is particularly attractive. We show how to style streaked or two-tone blonde hair

    Styling Medium Blonde Hair
  • Dark Blonde Hair

    Dark blonde hair is often perceived as brown. In fact, it is an intriguing light tint of brown. We show how to color, maintain, and wear dark blonde hair to your best advantage

    Trendy Dark Blonde Nuances
  • Short Hair Styles for Blonde Hair

    Who says long hair is more feminine than short? Since when? More than ever is short hair so in and so enticing at the same time. A feminine shade of blonde bolsters the look and leaves you shining. Read on to be inspired by the best short hair styles for blonde hair

    Short Hair Styles for Blondes
  • Blonde Hair with Dark Roots

    Are you flirting with the idea of coloring your hair blonde but wonder whether you are ready to deal with the dark new hair growth known as dark roots? Don’t worry about it! Dark roots in blonde hair are now accepted everywhere, even at gala events

    High-Contrast Two-Tone Hair
  • Platinum Blondes Going Warm and Soft

    Traditionally, platinum blonde is considered a cool hair color. However, soft haircuts and fringed hairstyles can add a warm note to the cool nature of light blonde hair. Stars and models demonstrate how to soften the look of platinum blonde hair. We show how to style light blonde hair

    The Softer Side of Light Blonde Hair